On Mondays…

There are a bajillion posts I could write and unfortunately they are all swimming in my head.  Which is less fun than when I have a clear and concise rant at my fingertips.

I had a great weekend… there really aren’t words around that except to say that when you find someone who can share in a passion of yours, and you get to spend the whole weekend sharing that passion, it’s nice… a bit unfamiliar for me and there’s a post somewhere in this but I can’t find my words yet…

I’m in the midst of seeing new sides of people in my world… some good, some less good.  I’m still processing what it all means so I can’t find my words on this yet…..

Mother Nature is seriously fucking with us.  Along with the rest of the country I’m sure.  But her storms are beautiful.  I just wish her timing was better because this would have been perfect weather for me to stay in bed and read or snuggle with a movie but I can’t even find my words on this yet…

I guess it’s just a Monday.  Where we try to get back into the routine after a weekend of no routine… and a friend sent me this on Pinterest which couldn’t sum up today any better.

Send Waffles

Happy Monday y’all. Hang in there.  Drink Coffee.  Send Waffles. Stay dry and hug someone.



  1. I had a totally shite stabby day at everyone and everything so it ain’t just the weather. Lunar fo sho. Frak waffles. Send xanax and vodka.

  2. Send waffles indeed. Everyone and everything seems to be out of sorts and I’m blaming tomorrow’s lunar eclipse. Ah, Monday.

    • I’m mostly just melancholy. This too shall pass. Could be lunar eclipse. Could just be life’s roller coaster. Moms don’t get waffles in bed nearly enough. We should have a day dedicated to just that… oh wait… we kinda do.

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