But Mom… I’m bored….

Yesterday my post talked a bit about things I’m looking forward to… which then morphed into a bit of a panic as I started to try to think about some fun things to do with the kiddos on Spring Break… Which STARTS THIS WEEKEND…

When they were little, it was easy… but now as a teen and a tween, with very VERY different interests… I’m not sure what we’ll be doing.

Oh don’t get me wrong… Monday – Friday of Spring break I will be working and they will be hanging with my folks.  I *may* have even volunteered them for some manual labor to clear rocks from one of the properties… But weekends – and I’ll have three glorious weekends in a row – tend to be all mine and I want to make memories…

So, I started off with my friend Rebecca’s Blog – R We There Yet Mom? – because no matter where you are, you can likely find a post she’s shared about fun things to do with your family in any specific geography.

Sidebar – speaking of geography – the capital of Montana is Helena.  Don’t ask.

So I started looking at some of her lists of things to do in Austin… and while I found a few things to do with the kids, I found way more that I want to do even if they don’t!

I’ve lived in central Texas for the majority of my life and there are so many things I’ve never done.  How is that even possible?  Well, don’t let the ice from yesterday fool you – I’m convinced that spring is upon us which is the BEST time to take advantage of things that Keep Austin Weird.

To make things even easier, she even created a whole LIST of the Top 25 things to do this Spring in Austin… I’m bummed that I missed the Kite festival this year… I’ve been saying I should go to that for years and yet… someday. BUT there are a few other things I haven’t done and if the boys are game, may be happening over the next 2 weekends… Like an Austin Mural Scavenger Hunt, or perhaps visiting the Woodland Faerie Trail, or  maybe just checking out one of the museums we have ’round town… followed by a stop at the Big Top Candy Shop… because Candy.

I’d like to check out the Cathedral of Junk at some point but I’m not convinced my kiddos would be as excited about this option… and swimming doesn’t sound fun just yet… that’s more of a “it’s summer and 900* outside” kind of activity…

Maybe this is the time we start to really check out Geocaching… I think that while Mini-me would love that, the giant would have fun too…

And who knows… maybe I’ll have all this planned out and the folks will decide that we need to all head down to the lake to go sailing.

What are YOUR plans for the break of the Spring?  Anything amazing and fun I’m forgetting about?!?



  1. You know the Kite Festival was cancelled and moved to this coming weekend?

    I want to check out that Cathedral of Junk- I think Phee would love it. And the murals… oh such fun. I’ve come across two randomly in the last few weeks and it’s been so much fun.

    • Yes but…. This weekend is booked so kite fest will have to wait for another time.

      I love that we live near such an amazing city… Now I just need to start taking advantage of it.

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