Get to know your Mamavation Mom Applicants! – Guest Post

Hello Friends!  If you follow my twitter stream, you probably have realized that it is time again for the next Mamavation Mom campaign.  During my time in the Mamavation Mom boot camp, my life changed drastically – and so did my family.  Now I want to help some other moms experience the same wonderful experience.  So today I bring you a guest post from one of the Mamavation Mom Applicants for Campaign 7.  I first ‘met’ Christi when the last campaign started and boy am I glad I did!  She is wonderfully supportive, extremely positive, truly dedicated and I feel blessed to call her a friend.  Her Mamavation Mom video can be seen here and if you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY encourage it.  I wanted Christi to share with you a bit about why she wants to become the next Mamavation Mom so, in her own words:

A few months ago, I started noticing a mention of this thing called Mamavation here or there. I was working on an internship and one of the other interns was what I came to know later on, a Sista in Mamavation Sorority. That now seems like a lifetime ago.
When I finished my internship, I started looking around at Mamavation, and did a search for the hashtag on Twitter. I came to find out that these ladies were a pretty close knit group. I don’t even remember how it all happened, but after a few days of stalking I decided to start interacting with the group. Shelley, or as I knew her then @Momma_Oz became a great new friend.
Shelley had just applied for Mamavation Campaign 6, and although I had a hard time keeping up with what was going on, I knew that it was a great opportunity for Shelley. I then started to watch the campaign and lo and behold Shelley became one of the Mamavation Mom’s.

I wanted to watch this campaign to see what was going on, and to get enough information to see if I think it would be something I could do, or I could use. Well, long story short Shelley and Rachel both inspired me through their 7 weeks of holding the title. I gave birth to 3 children over four years. I didn’t know how to lose the baby weight, and wasn’t really in shape to start with.After my relationship with their father dissolved, and 5 very hard years I found myself at 235 lbs, and single after another very upsetting breakup. I lost about 30 lbs of that weight and kept most of it off over the next year.

Then I found the most amazing man! After telling God that I was tired of all of the ups and downs, and couldn’t handle another relationship that would leave empty all over again…he sent me the most amazing man. Combining our families in March of 2010, we have 5 kids together. Needless to say it can get hectic.

Our children range from the ages of 8 to 13, 2 girls and 3 boys. We try to spend as much time at the river and camping as possible during the good weather months.

Now at 210 pounds (yep I gained a bit back) I find myself wanting another baby. My husband and I talk about it constantly. My biggest concern is my health. At 32, and over 200 pounds, can I really say that I will be able to do all of those things that I need to do with a baby in 18 years? With my family background, I may not make it until I’m 50….

Even if I do not have another baby, In 10 years my husband and I will have children that are 18-23 and most likely will have grandchildren…or soon there after. I can only imagine having grandchildren, and running after little toddlers! I want to be healthy enough to do that. I don’t want to be the fat Granny that I have pictured in my mind when I think of myself at 55.
I have a lot of genetics that are already working against me, why have I chosen to live such an unhealthy life? Truthfully, I tried not to think about it. I was so unhappy for so many years. Finding my husband, and falling in love has really changed my life. I want to live! I want to live a long happy life. I want to get old and wrinkly with this man, and with this large family, and with all of those grandbabies!

That is my motivation. Now that I’ve found happiness, I want to experience it for many, many years to come. My family deserves to be happy, and I want to teach them by example how to live a happy, healthy life.

My next step to a happier, healthier life is to go on to the finals of this Mamavation Campaign, then to be picked as the next Mamavation Mom.

If you support me, please tweet:

Hey @bookieboo! I want @ChristiDarty to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!

Christi Daugherty

I hope you’ll join me in supporting ALL of the applicants by tweeting your support.  Make sure you check Christi out at her normal bloggy homes to follow her journey



  1. I love the family pic! Such a great bunch of reasons for getting healthier. I am here rooting your on! Good luck.

  2. Love love love this post! Thanks Christi for sharing and thanks Shelley for offering her the space to do so!

    I’m rooting from the sidelines… but kicking butt right there with ya the entire time!

  3. Christi,
    I am wishing you the best! I don’t know how to deal with 3 (including my husband) and I applaud you a big time. Really! Do it for yourself and your family! I will gladly follow you in your journey…

  4. Wonderful! I have LOVED reading and getting to know Christy better through this post! 🙂

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