Merry Christmas from me to you

It’s hard to believe that the year is almost over and what a year it has been…

In January there was much talk of making every moment count.  That’s the intent I began 2014 with and I think that all things considered, that wasn’t a complete failure…

In February, I made some memorable connections that have lasted throughout the year.  Friendships that enabled me to really look at the way I see love and relationships… the good, the bad and the ugly… What I want in that type of relationship and what I don’t… That was also when I let go of some relationships that no longer served a positive purpose in my world and I’m happier for it.

In March I started to focus on the things I was most thankful for every Thursday… a tradition I shall endeavor to continue in the new year.  Truth is, I had and have so much to be grateful for and it took a while to start to acknowledge the little things… which were and are the big things.  Sometimes those lists are a bit cryptic but meaningful to those who need to know.

In April I lost a mentor of mine and that spun me into some more introspection… although there’s already a lot of that on this here blog.  Perspective was a key focus as I discussed the fact that it would be easier to become cynical… We had an onslaught of storms that month too as I recall… internal and external…

I think I posted more in May than in any other month because Evin and I started the Axis of Ineptitude blogging challenges!  There were some great prompts that inspired me to write about Why I even write in the first place, Books that made me feel, that time I fucked up (yes, it was hard to narrow it down to just one) and well, the feels…

In June I turned 38… just two more years until I hit another birthday Milestone so this year it was just another day.  That was also the month that I learned that someone I care about was about to begin his battle with leukemia… and he’s such a fighter that he’s my hero.  Shockingly, there were more feels that month… and discussion on the little things as well as forgiveness… something we could all benefit from a little more of in our worlds.

Part of July was spent in the majestic mountains of Colorado and Mini-me turned the ripe age of 12… Reminders that kids listen even when we think they aren’t… and a reminder to myself that sometimes the words aren’t as important as the experiences we share.

August brought about the end of the summer as well as the release of my FAVORITE movie of 2014… maybe ever… the embracing of our quirks… a rant or two… and a few of my favorite things and meaningful quotes that I like to look back on.

September meant that I officially have a high school freshman… which also meant I had far less time to write with all the changes that sprang forth.  I also re-started my focus on taking care of me… which I need to get back in line with after the holidays.

October is a spooky month and the Axis of Ineptitude blogging challenge prompts used that to our advantage… talk of masks and fears and scars… along with the Ode to Evin for her Birthday.

November found me vacillating between being totally fine… and not.  Please don’t worry about me because I’m fine- honest – but if I don’t share the dark, I’m not being real.  I also finished binge watching Dexter and had some discussion on when, if ever, it’s ok to lie.

And here we are in December… The month in which the Giant turned 15… and so much more has happened that I can’t even begin to share here.  Not yet anyway.  In time, I will of course because I value you but for now you need to trust that there is awesomeness rising from the horrific… like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

2015 will be bringing forth many MANY changes to my world.  For some, the wheels are already in motion… but I’m sure that there are other changes I can’t even begin to understand yet.

To aid in finding my words though, we will be launching another Axis of Ineptitude blogging challenge!  I hope you’ll join in… or at the very least, follow along.


I believe that 2015 is going to bring forth some amazing things and I can’t wait to share them with you when they do happen.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.  May your holidays be wrapped in warmth, touched with wonder and filled with





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