Menu Plan Monday

I had forgotten how helpful it can be to share your menu plan… ok, I got lazy… I was still menu planning, just not posting… but just like I look to all of you for inspiration, I find that referencing previous week’s menus can be a point of inspiration for myself.


This week for example, we are bringing back some old favs:

Monday – Leftover Grilled Steak on a salad of romaine, spinach, tomato, cucumber salad

Tuesday – Cilantro chicken – This was a HUGE hit at my house – used this recipe, except left out mint and added cilantro in it’s place – YUM-TASTIC!

Wednesday – I’m NOT COOKING!  It’s my birthday and the Hubs is taking me out.

Thursday – Using leftover Cilantro Chicken on top of a salad – lots of veggies and salsa as the dressing YUM

Friday – Turkey Burgers (Family Fav) – I like this because it is so versatile.  You can add different veggies or spices to the ground turkey and have a different burger every time!

Saturday – Fish Tacos using Grilled Trout

Sunday – I was planning to do Veggie Kabobs here… but then I remembered this recipe for Summer Squash and Chicken and changed my menu plan a bit just this morning!


So there’s my week – What’s on YOUR plate?



  1. Thanks for sharing your menu plan. Happy birthday!!

  2. I planned a two-week menu for the first time in forever. But now I’m confused because your menu seems so much less confusing than mine. Gah! I’ll work on it.

    • This is an odd week with lots of leftovers… plus, since I’m a creature of habit, lunch and breakfasts are planned but not blogged which might account for the lack of confusion…

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