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I’ve said a million times that weight loss is as much mental as it is physical.  We are often only held back from the things we want to accomplish in life by what our mind tells us we can’t.

When I met with Joshua Medcalf and listened to him speak at Mamavation‘s Fitcation this past summer, I really felt a connection to what he was saying.   The funny part was that I think each of us who attended took away a little something different.   I talked a bit about that yesterday – about being a better friend to yourself – but others caught a different message.  Each message equally powerful for where each of us is… but before I get into that, a bit about this amazing man and his Train to be Clutch organization.

Train to be Clutch spawned out of Joshua Medcalf’s non-profit organization Dream Sports Academy.  He  realized that the same life changing principles and techniques he was teaching to underpriviliged athletes in South Central LA, were applicable across all areas of life.  After conversations with businessmen and women, actors, and a wide variety of people, it became glaringly apparent that there was a need for performance enhancement principles in many different fields, not just sports.  Therefore, Joshua started Train to be Clutch as a way of greatly enhancing people’s lives, and to provide financial support for Dream Sports Academy.


As I mentioned before, hearing Joshua in real life is something that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  Some heard a new message of hope in his talk while others were inspired by the path he’s taken.  Some like myself were reminded to quit giving so much mental air time to the negative reel that plays in our minds.  Above all, I think we all walked away with a new perspective on how we should see others and ourselves.

If you missed out on Fitcation, You can still transform your life with his beautiful and inspiring lessons.  He offers a number of services and avenues in which to unlock your true potential.  On his Train to be Clutch site, you can find information about the available One to One Coaching, but even easier than that are the plethora of apps he’s developed so that you can access his lessons at your convenience.

Joshua has just released an amazing collection of stories to help guide you through the negative self-talk and to identify what is REALLY driving you that you can download from iTunes and listen to re-energize your motivation.  It’s like having your own personal life coach join you on your morning commute or for some well deserved “Me” time.

Not ready to take the plunge just yet?  I get it – there are so many “positive thinking” type apps out there, why is Joshua any different?  Take a few moments with his ReFresh My Heart app and you’ll know the answer.  In fact, 4 lucky readers will get a download code for the ReFresh My Heart app so really, what do you have to lose?  Except of course all of the negative mental programming that is holding you back!

ReFresh My Heart  combines affirmations with guided imagery in an easy to use app at your convenience.  How would your life change if you allowed yourself to embrace only positive thinking and banish negativity?  What goals have you brushed aside because someone (maybe even yourself) convinced you that you weren’t capable?  What could be possible if only you set aside a few moments each day to re-train your heart and mind the way an athlete trains their body to run or jump?

Interested in reaching your untapped potential?  As I said, 4 Lucky readers will be able to download the ReFresh My Heart app for FREE with the download codes Joshua has so graciously allowed me share with you!

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** Disclosure – Joshua Medcalf was a speaker at Fitcation where I was an attendee. He graciously provided me with the download codes for the app to share with my readers. no other compensation was received and all opinions are strictly my own**

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  1. Today I had homemade paleo chicken soup. That was good for me, my tummy, my mouth, and my heart.

  2. I got down on the floor and really PLAYED with my little girl today. Sure, it was good for her, but it was good for me, too. win. win.

  3. Today I ate healthy – and did a work out without the distractions of children – that is a win in my book!

  4. I didn’t make fun of myself this morning…..

  5. I promised myself first thing this morning that I was going to make it a good day no matter how crappy I felt.

  6. Today I gave myself permission to stay home (I’m sick.) instead of pushing through it and probably making myself worse.

    • Sometimes it’s hard to remember that our bodies have limits. Good for you for listening to yours! Feel better soon!!!

  7. Something I did good today … I got my workout done first thing this morning! Even though I had to peel myself out of bed this morning!

  8. Totally what I needed to hear! I wish I could have joined Mamavation TV last night to see him speak. But I’m very happy you shared and are doing this give away!! Thanks Shelley!

    • He’s amazing Micah. Funny how we tell ourselves things we’d never say to our friends or our children. Our thoughts have power – both positive AND negative!! Good luck!

  9. I am so sad I missed him on MMTV this week because he really made an impact on me from Fitcation!

  10. Today, I went for a walk even though I didn’t want to. Then, I put clothes up. Sounds silly, but it feels SO good to see the room all clean!

    • My mom is a big believer of a clean house equals a clean life so I totally get the “high” you can get from having a clean room!!! Great job honey 🙂

  11. I am going to spend sometime on my blog and planning a bubble bath tonight. Im gonna schedule in a date with you too because I miss you bunches!

  12. Today I gave myself permission to do something *I* want to to do. I’m taking a teeny break from doing everything for everyone else and doing some fun stuff for me!

  13. I tried on some outfits to wear on a date night with the husband. You are never too old to play dress up 🙂

  14. I am going to be running at lunch – that is great for me 🙂

  15. Kimberly @shrinkingkimber says

    This morning I had a relaxing cup of pumpkin coffee and made time to actually enjoy it before starting this crazy day!

  16. Kimberly @shrinkingkimber says

    I can’t wait to try this app out. He was very inspiring on mamavation tv!

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