Meet #mamavation Mom Finalist – Wendy

Y’all know that Mamavation is near and dear to my heart.  It’s time again for another 7-week boot-camp and voting has already begun in case you didn’t know.  The five finalists are all amazing and remarkable women who would be wonderful if selected.  I can say this as I got the pleasure of talking with each and every one of them – AMAZING conversations.  We laughed… We cried… ok, maybe not cried but there was laughter.

So… When one of the applicant’s asked if I would allow her to guest post here, I was happy to oblige.  I get to meet Wendy for realz in NYC in a couple of weeks but I wanted all of you to have the chance to meet her as well.  You can see all of the Mamavation Mom videos and vote for your favorites – how often do you have the chance to CHANGE SOMEONE’S LIFE?  Do it – (oh yeah… and there may be a chance for you to win the $100 giveaway Wendy is posting but you’ll have to read below for more info)

Without further ado – Here’s Wendy

Hey!  I’m Wendy and I  blog over at  I’ve been writing The Weights Over  since last September when I decided, finally, once and for all I was going to make the changes I needed to make to get healthy and fit.  I was tired of being tired and of being unhealthy. I decided to take a stand for myself, and I did!  I was nearly  a size 28, and about 280 pounds.  I was at my  heaviest, ever, and I knew this went WAY beyond losing weight to look good. I needed to lose weight to LIVE.

I took one of the scariest step (for me) that I  could do.  I signed up for a program at my local gym, and  got started on changing my life!   I started working out and do kinds of exercise that I never thought I ‘d do.  I cried my way through my first ever Spin class…  I learned a lot about weights…and I  started walking.   I started paying attention to my food,and most importantly, I joined the Mamavation Sistahood for support and BOY did I get it!  With Mamavation, there is no judgement,just  people to support you and help you get to where you want to go.  Now it’s time for my next step!  I am a finalist for Mamavation Mom. I am so very excited to hopefully take this next  step and enter this bootcamp  knowing I will be challenged  and  pushed and get to the level that I want to be at!  This is the perfect time for me to be a Mamavtion Mom.

This is my NOW.

There are 5 very worthy women in the running for Mamavation Mom. I relly do think I’m ready, and will be an excellent Mom.   Please vote for me.  I am also host a $100 Paypal Giveaway on my blog:    Stop by and enter!


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