#mamavation …. um Tuesday?

Yeah I know… it’s Tuesday so I kinda missed the whole point of Mamavation Monday. I’m feeling quite scattered right now with about a million things on my mind.

You may have heard mention of the Central Texas Fires and first of all – WE ARE SAFE – for now… as long as the winds don’t change and no one does anything stupid like decide to roast marshmallows in the back yard or flick a lit cigarette out the window. But still. I have numerous friends that are affected. Talked with one today who is 99% certain their house is gone. All they left with was the kids, the pets, and the laptops.  Heard from another who quite literally watched helplessly as his home was engulfed in flames.

The hubs and I were talking last night about what we’d grab if the unthinkable were to happen. Our list included things like his sleep machine (yes people, that is probably one of THE most important things to grab – and if you or anyone you know has sleep apnea, you might agree) the dog, the cat, laptops, a few pieces of clothes… The hubs actually KEEPS an overnight bag mostly packed with toiletries and extra under clothes… it used to bug me but ya know, maybe HE’S the brilliant one. Most of our pictures are now electronic. and thus saved on laptops… Bottom line, it amazes me how much CRAP we have that doesn’t even make the top 10 list of stuff to grab because at the end of the day, stuff is replaceable. I’m thankful that we don’t have to worry but my heart goes out to all those affected. I heard report this morning that THOUSANDS… Seriously THOUSANDS of homes are destroyed. Really puts things into perspective doesn’t it?

The other thing about these fires that was really touching was the outreach. All throughout twitter I saw offers to help move & house livestock, restaurants donating food to the shelters, volunteers traveling from all around to help assist in any way they could. Even heard a report of someone who had filled up several 10 gallon gas cans and was helping the residents of Steiner Ranch who ran out of gas waiting to evacuate. Of course there are a ton of agencies offering their help and assistance and there are shelters for those in need. Also heard reports of hotels DISCOUNTING their rates to accommodating those without homes and even allowing pets to join their owners. That’s a far cry from other reports I heard about price gouging after Hurricane Irene. It does my heart good to know that communities are often brought together in the wake of tragedy.

Here are a few sites you can donate to if you are so inclined. Please feel free to share with your friends as well. I’m not holding a contest for those giving. The only reward is the knowledge that you’ve helped someone who has literally lost everything.

Catholic Charities of Central Texas

American Red Cross of Central Texas

Austin Disaster Relief Network

I know this isn’t my typical Mamavation Monday post and I appreciate your patience.  Right now, this is heavy on my heart and what I ate and how I moved just doesn’t seem that important.

A few “Mamavation” related items though…

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  1. I have friends in TX so it’s been on my mind and in my thoughts. I am glad you are safe but I will continue to say prayers for those who are being effected.

  2. Prayers for all affected by the fires. To think that some people would maliciously start fires of this magnitude sickens me too.

  3. Good Lands! Praying for you and all affected by the fires! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to me today! It says a lot about you that during your craziness you take time to tend to others and theirs!!!

    Will continue to send up prayers until these fires are gone!

    • Thanks Toni – last report I heard (this morning) was that the fires were increasingly more contained… then a grass fire broke out near work… It’s just SOOOOOO dry.

      HUGS to you!

  4. It’s touching to see others come together as they are. We’re in El Paso so hopefully very safe. I pray all stay safe and no more deaths occur. I read this morning that 30% is contained.

    • It is touching – we drove out there with donations and to volunteer to help once the clean up starts and the sheer volume of volunteers really warmed my heart. We are close but still “safe” So glad that we are getting assistance and that they can finally begin to contain the beast. Stay Safe

  5. Praying for your safety and for your friends and neighbors too! We had a wildfire less than a mile from our house earlier this summer and it was scary. I’m sure in Texas, wildfires are much more of a threat. I used to always keep an overnight bag packed in my truck (when I was single), for fear of getting stuck in a blizzard (living up north). Stay safe!

    • thank you. We are fortunate but so many others are not. it is heartbreaking the devastation fires can cause… and now hearing reports that some of the fires are being investigated as arson… sickens me

  6. Just watched some footage of all the fires across Texas. Scary stuff. My heart breaks for all the people that have lost their homes 🙁

  7. My heart breaks for your friends. I am thankful that you are safe – but praying for everyone. I will be checking tonight to see what I can help with financially.

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