Mamavation Monday

Happy Monday!

So, life has been hectic, crazy, busy, and all around insane – but isn’t that just part of life? The trick is finding a way to balance all of the commitments we have while keeping our own selves a priority.  Easier said than done in many cases, but I’ve started making sure that there is at least one part of every day that is only for me.  (Usually that is when I get my workouts in) Why? 

Because when I take care of me, I can better take care of everyone else. 

That’s my mantra and I’m sticking to it! 

With Thanksgiving aproaching, that also means that my oldest’s birthday, hubs’ birthday and Christmas are all right around the corner.  It’s a happy time of year but only when I remember the REASON for the SEASON!

So, today I’m getting a head start – I’m going to start counting my blessings now and quite frankly, it won’t stop just because Thanksgiving passes.  The first thing I’m thankful for is the Mamavation Sistahood.  If you are not a member, I encourage you to consider it.  Here’s why:

  1. I have never in my life been surrounded by more love and support. 
  2. When I am down or struggling, there is ALWAYS someone there to pick me back up or inspire me to get off my twitter-butt. 
  3. I love reading about the success of my Sistas because it reminds me about what is possible!  Even the plateaus are helpful because when I get there, I’m reminded I’m not alone.
  4. No matter where I am on this journey, SOMEONE has been in my shoes already and is there to remind me what I’m working towards
  5. There is an accountability without judgement that is unsurpassed!  It is truly remarkable.

So, to all who are here on this journey with me, whether a Sista or not.  I say


I’m grateful for your friendship and my life has been blessed because you are in it.

In case you’ve missed my latest antics, here’s how things have been going with the Mamavation Campaign!



  1. Getting ‘me time’ in is essential… I think that time down the gym, or in front of a yoga DVD is good me time. It may be hard work, but the benefits after are fantastic. I am a more patient person to be around, so I agree, me time enables you to take care of others. Great post! Betty x

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