Mamavation Monday – Week 5 – 10/4/2010

Wow!  What an amazing week.  Last week was the first time that I’ve gotten this much exercise in and you know what?  I FEEL Great!  Not in the beginning of course… I still have to force myself to get started… internally, I’m kicking and screaming like a 3-year-old who wants ice cream for breakfast, but once i get started, i find that about 1/2 way through, I’m enjoying the idea of pushing myself to new levels.  I have a LONG LONG LONG way to go, but I’m getting there and that is a lot of fun.

I also had a crazy moment where I realized that my caloric intake is considerably off.  I have so much to learn of course and I know that – (that’s part of why I want to become the next Mamavation Mom!- if you haven’t seen my application video, check it out when you have a few minutes.  I’d love your support!) but back to the current conversation… so I’ve been using myfitnesspal and LOVE it – it works better with my phone so I can track my food and exercise on the go… the problem I ran into was that I plan out my food for the day either the night before or in the morning… I carefully allocate my calories between breakfast, lunch, & dinner with snacks so that I’m not hungry and/or tempted throughout the day.  sounds great, right?  BIG problem though, I’ve been figuring intake based on a sedentary lifestyle which i don’t have anymore… that means that some days I was 200-500 calories LESS than recommended!!! I will definitely be adjusting this week.

This week’s exercise included the following:

Sunday – Walk/Jogged 1.6 miles & did Walk ‘N Tone
Monday – Walk/ Jogged 1 mile
Tuesday –100/200/200 challenge
Wednesday – NOTHING… No workout at all!
Thursday – 100/200/200 challenge
Friday – Hiked 3 miles & did Walk ‘N Tone
Saturday – 100/200/200 workout & 5Kday!!!

So, let’s get on with the “progress report”

Last week’s weight was 253.5 so that means that this week I’m down 4 LBS!!!!!!!  And please ignore the fact that I REALLY Need a Pedicure!

That also means that i’m down 11 lbs from where I started with Mamavation!!! (Gotta go grab that badge!!)

I also checked my measurements and lost inches too so I’m WAY happy this week! I’ll post that in another blog, cuz this is already getting too long…

As for the other housekeeping issues,

SOTW – Thanks to everyone for all of the wonderful support and comments.  I’m so honored to be a part of a group as wonderful as this!

I’m so jazzed that Subway is our sponsor this week! SUBWAY is giving away a gift card for $25 to one lucky winner who mentions the Commit to Fit Campaign and Jared on their Mamavation Monday post. (Between lunches and dinners, I ate there 4 times this past week!)

I hope EVERYONE has an AWESOME week and don’t forget to tweet your support for all of the Mamavation Mom Applicants!



  1. Shelly, congrats on SOTW and I hope you do well in the campaign for mamavation mom. You would be such a positive example for the sistahood!

  2. So excited for you — on many fronts. . . .the weight loss, the learning you’re doing, SOTW, and your Mamavation application.

    You are doing awesome, and I know you will continue to do so regardless of the Mamavation outcome!

  3. Way to go girlfriend! It gets so tiring for me battling the scale, but progress is progress!!! That is what I tell myself. Keep up the great work. xoxo

  4. Wow – 4 lbs is awesome!!! Way to go!!

    And, you are allowed to have a rest day during the week. I usually don’t exercise on Sunday because it’s such a busy day with church, family, etc. It’s nice to have that break in the schedule and it’s good for your body.

    And yes! You need more calories when you are more active – good for you for being more active AND for realizing the deficit!

    Hope you’re having a great week!

  5. you are awesome and deserve SOTW your dedication and entusiasm is amazing thank you for everything.

    congrats on the weight loss still waiting on my big loss week id be happy with even 1 lb loss but hopefully that will come soon

  6. I bet it just blows your mind to think that you have to eat MORE now that you’re active! Isn’t it awesome! You’re doing such a great job and you are most deserving of the SOTW honours!

  7. Way to go!!! You rocked the weight loss this week and your fitness plan looks awesome! Your doing great with tracking your food and exercise. Keep up the hard work and enjoy the changes you are seeing and feeling!

  8. You are a rockstar Shelley! It was so great to see your face adn hear you speak on Mamavation tv last night. Good luck with your campaign!

  9. Amanda @beeacutie2 says

    congrats on your lose and everything you are doing. good luck on applying and i know you will rock it!

  10. Wow 4lbs!! That is awesome!

    As a lifetime WW member, I have been converted to Myfitnesspal, I love it!
    I found that I also had an issue with not getting enough calories; it’s such a delicate balance.

    Thanks for the support and I look forward to traveling with you on this life long journey of healthy living!

  11. OMG!!!!!!! Whoooo Hooooo
    That is so freakin awesome I just can’t stand it. Look at you! Can you believe it? Freakin ROCK STAR!!!! I’m so proud of you. I’ll bet you were doing a happy dance when you got off that scale. NICE! Good luck this week and just keep moving! 1 hour out of a 24 hour day just 4 U.

  12. Lisa @ljenator says

    If there’s anything I’ve learned from my time with Mamavation it’s that if I eat too few calories, i get SICK! You’re right, you’ve got to up it for your active lifestyle, or you’re doing yourself a huge disservice!

    I’m so proud of you for knocking off that 4 pounds.. FOREVER!

    Rock on girl!!!!! You’re doing great, and I’m so proud of you, Ms. Sista of the Week!


  13. Woot Woot!! *doing the happy dance for/with you* You are awesome!!

    I support you for #Mamavation Mom! You can do this… adn guess what… You ARE doing it!! Way to make the first steps in the right direction towards a healthy and active life!! So proud of you!! 🙂

  14. Yay on being sister of the week!! I think you’re really cool and a great addition to the Sistahood! Yeah, the calorie intake thing is important because you don’t want to lose productive muscle! I hope you’ve figured out how to get those calories in!

    Awesome on your exercise this week!!

  15. Holy cow, four pounds down! You are doing awesome, girl! I too need to do a little calorie overhaul. I have been eating sensibly, but not really counting. I could be over or under and don’t even know it.

    Congrats again!

  16. Congrats on your weight loss this week! WTG with the exercise also!

  17. 4lbs — that’s AMAZING!!! YAY!! WTG Momma!!

    I know what you mean about not enough calories — I take a medication that makes me not want to eat. At all. Sometimes I don’t realize I haven’t eaten until my blood sugar gets low (I’m diabetic — very bad!). It’s hard when you’re trying to lose weight to realize that not only do you need to eat MORE, but you need to eat better food.

    Keep up the good work!!

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