#Mamavation Monday – Week 3 – Jan 31, 2011

Hey guys!  This post is going to be a short one because there’s not a lot to say and not a lot of free time right now.

School is back in session for me and the beginning of the semester is always hard as I learn again how to juggle my time so that I don’t get overwhelmed.  This semester is no different, but I’ve finally figured out that I will be graduating in DECEMBER!  so I’m pretty excited about that 🙂

Hey LORI – Lost 1 whole pound 😉

I’d also like to point out that I took this scale pic first thing this morning – PRIOR to getting my toes done but since I don’t want you to miss out on my ADORABLE toes, here they are 🙂

Honestly, I can’t be too proud of that pound.  I mean I’m glad it is gone for good, but there were a lot of slip ups that I blamed on stress, schedules, and general LIFE.  But I’ll take it and jump back on track.  That’s what this journey is all about right?

Living life one day (one moment) at a time so that we can learn how to make better choices so that the change become a lifestyle.  And I’m not perfect.  AND I shouldn’t EXPECT to be perfect.  But that one little pound joins 25 others that’s I’ve lost along the way and brings me one pound closer to my goal.

One pound closer to wearing skinny jeans and being happy about bathing suit shopping.

I’m also 1 month closer to running my 5K and ready to back to SERIOUSLY training for it.  No more excuses.  Who’s gonna pester check in on me?  I need accountability too 🙂

This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Earth Footwear.  One blogging carnival participant will receive one pair of Earth Footwear shoes.  The blogging question posted was as follows:

Question: What does “wellness” mean to you?

Wellness is all encompassing – Mind, Body & Spirit.  That’s why I’m SO excited that Pete Cohen is our guest on Mamavation TV this week – He was an integril part of my mental “wellness” during my reign as a Mamavation Mom.  Mental wellness to me is all about having a positive relationship with food.  I’m so much better than where I was before.

Body Wellness to me is having my body do what I want it to do and while I’m smaller and stronger and in better shape, again, I’m not there yet, but I’m on track.

Spirit Wellness is different to many and I am not in a position to determine what is Right or Wrong – this is a deeply personal topic but again, I’m not there yet but am making progress.

See a pattern here?  Aren’t we all like this? Not quite where we want to be and striving to better ourselves on all fronts 🙂

So here’s to another week where we can ALL work towards our own definitions of Wellness 🙂

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  1. Saved, I love your site! 🙂

  2. Whoohoo on graduating at the end of the year!
    I love your mindset on losing the pound. Add it to the others and it’s not just a pound; it’s another step closer to where you want to be!

  3. I LOVE the pedi!!! 🙂
    congrats on the pound! A pound is a pound and this is a process… just keep going!!!
    You are awesome!

  4. Stress and schedules seem to go hand in hand. I hope you find your balance. I’m doing a happy dance for that pound you lost! And when I’m done…I’ll be kicking your bum into training for that 5K 🙂 You’ve been warned 😀

  5. Love the toes and Congrats on graduating in December!! We’ll have to throw you a big party!

    Soooo….. how you doin’ on the 5k training? 😀

    • WOO HOO a big party!! Maybe there will be a twitter party going on with tons of prizes and I’ll just CALL it my graduation party LOL!

  6. Stress is a tough one. It’s always there, we need to manage it better. Be easy on yourself when school bogs you down – there is light at the end of the tunnel!!

    You’re awesome, Shelley! I’m so proud of you!

    • Stress is always there… but luckily I’m learning new ways to deal with it. I’m also getting better about listening to my body because it will often tell me ENOUGH 🙂 and YOU are awesome too! Thanks for your encouragement on twitter re: 5K training. you have NO idea how much that helps

  7. Congrats on taking it one day, one pound, one moment at a time. That’s what it’s all about. 😉

  8. Hey, never turn your nose up at a solid pound! You are still on the journey, you are still working hard and you are still a fabulous motivator for the group. So exciting to hear your graduation is on the horizon. Think of how hot you are going to look for it!

    Good luck with your 5K training. I will try to remember to ask (pester) you about it from time to time. Have a great week!

  9. Dude, I am very proud of your pound! And let me welcome you back to the track! Have a great week. Love ya always

  10. Congrats on the pound!!

    That is one more down the drain and a great way to celebrate even the little accomplishments. Stress, LIFE, kids are always gonna be there to smack us, unfortunately… but, we’re strong right?!

    We’ll get back up and keep on treading!

    ♥♥Hugs gal!♥♥

    • for some reason when I read your comment I couldn’t help but hear the song “Another one bites the dust” and how appropriate 🙂 Thanks love!

  11. I’m really good at pestering/nagging/checking in. Just ask my husband! 🙂 Congratulations on saying adios to that one pound! You’re awesome!

  12. I lOVE the toes!! SO cute! I wish I could say the same about mine, but since they live in socks and winter boots (boo MN weather) I do not get pedicures until March or April. I miss my sandals 🙁

    Back to you, a pound loss is great! And with a new school semester starting I will be thinking of you and hoping you the best in finding your groove! Talk to ya Monday night at the show!

    • I normally don’t get pedis except for in the summer… it was a girls afternoon splurge 🙂 we’re having crazy weather – flip flops Sunday & Monday and today is 22* so they are staying covered up, but I **know** they are there 🙂

  13. Congrats on the pound and all that you are doing with your start of the semester balance. I am also thrilled that you can attest to how awesome the guest on Monday’s show is.

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