#Mamavation Monday – Week 1 to #Knockoutthefat

Week one was…. interesting :)  I mean change always is, right?  I had strayed so far past where I was during my Mamavation Mom campaign that it took some adjustment for me to get back into my groove.  But between Steph’s kick butt circuits, my running schedule, and Alysa’s super yummy meal plan last week, I made it through and honestly feel very productive! 

And it paid off!  I lost 1.5 lbs and my BMI went from a 36.18 to an “even” 36.1.  I am happy to see the scale moving in the right direction.  This week I’m kicking my workouts up another notch to include some EAS Active 2 on my non-running days. 

Why, you might ask?  The answer may not be as obvious as you think…. this last week also marked new beginnings at work.  a new job that comes with new responsibilities…new tasks…meetings meetings mettings and more meetings, and above all, the likelyhood of more stress.  I know FOR A FACT that when I get my sweat on regularly, I burn that stress off and that makes me a much nicer person to be around… I can say it – when I’m NOT getting my sweat on, you probably don’t want to be around me…

I love that I’ve reached a point on this journey that I KNOW what my body is telling me.  When I’m feeling sluggish, I most likely haven’t had as much water as I need… When I’m feeling “witchy” I probably haven’t sweated as much as I should… I know what “hungry” feels like and – perhaps more importantly – I know what “full” feels like as opposed to STUFFED. 

All in all, it was a week of self discovery and new adventures and I’m thankful for all of you for giving me the energy, encouragement, and courage to keep moving forward.  Thank you!

Also, quickly approaching, is FITCATION!!!  I’m so excited to finally meet some of my AMAZING and wonderful sistas and spend time together!  AND there are 2 tickets up for grabs if anyone is interested in joining us!  You honestly couldn’t ask for a better time – fun, friendship and fitness!  We have some awesome activities planned and some amazing companies have generously donated swag to the event.  Trust me – you DO NOT want to miss this!!!  If you want to join in on the fun, let me or Lori know 🙂

**Disclaimer: George Foreman sponsored The Knock out the Fat Weight Loss Challenge by providing me with a George Foreman Grill and compensation at the end of the 90 day challenge

My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience, and is not reviewed or edited by George Foreman.



  1. I think it would be awesome if George Foreman actually did review and edit your post.

    Seriously though, great job!

  2. Wow!! Everyone lost weight so far that I’ve seen posts for!! So cool that you’ve got this jump start again to finish off what you worked so hard on in the Mamavation challenge.

    See you soon!!!!

  3. Woohoo! Way to go, Shelley! So proud of you! I totally get what you mean re: not sweating & being, um, not nice. That is me as well. Helps fight off depression for me too. SO many reasons to have a regular exercise schedule.

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