Mamavation Monday – Back to School

Hello Friends,

It’s monday again and we will soon be ‘back to school’ if you aren’t already… that means more packing of lunches, late nights, and slow school zones.  For some of us, it’s not just about the kiddos heading back to school, but about us adults re-entering the hallowed halls of higher education.  This SHOULD be my last year, so … fingers crossed m’kay?  But that said, schedules are WAY important.  And this week I am focused on getting myself back on a schedule that works.

As hard as I try, I have not yet figured out how to be a morning person like so many of you. I’m sure that it starts by going to bed sometime BEFORE 2:00 am… but I struggle to get up in the morning even when I go to bed at a fairly decent time.  In fact, when the dog starts crying early in the morning, I’ve been known to “accidentally” jab the hubs in the back and pretend to still be asleep (and since he reads this, my secret is out) so he’ll tend to the dog… which in all fairness, is HIS dog… I know I know… I need to get up and get my workout in earlier… I’m open to suggestions if you have any (and I’m sure you do)

We are getting back to meal planning – we (ok, I ) had gotten away from this since the conclusion of the George Foreman Knockout the Fat Challenge – OH!  Speaking of, who’s coming to the twitter party?  It’s THIS WEEK – August 25th from 8-10pm EST and YES George Foreman Grills will be given away so be sure to check out the details here.

In other news, you know that last year, Bookieboo (Aka Leah) developed the list of the top 50 inspiration Healthy Tweeps, right?  (I mean, you do know that don’t you?) Well, she did it again and OMG – I somehow (miraculously) made it on the list!  Now she needs your help to put it in some order (other than alphabetical) so could you take a few seconds and go vote?  If you find inspiration here, I’d be honored if you’d send one of your 10 votes my way. 🙂  There are some amazing people on this list and I am humbled to be counted among them.

Also coming up on the horizon is the Next Mamavation Mom Campaign only, in true  Bookieboo fashion, it’s time to change things up again!  This time she’s focusing on COUPLES!  Holy cow – can’t wait to see how THAT turns out!  Are you applying?  Are you thinking about it?  Let me know so that I can support you no matter what you decide.




  1. All I can say…Playtime is over kiddoooo…Keep posting..:):)

  2. Well you already know that I think you’re awesome. But I’ll tell you again. You’re awesome. The end.

  3. If you master the morning thing let me know because I’m also use the jab and snore trick on my husband with sweet baby that needs to be fed after the diner is closed for the night. I hate the 7am alarm that really goes off at 6, but I just can’t bare it yet.
    Congrats on the nomination! I’ll be sure to vote soon.

  4. Oh my gosh, your post just made me laugh. You totally had an oooh shiney moment right in the middle of it. *grins* I love you, Shelley. We all know that you are seriously badass and get tackle any badassery that comes near you. Did I use that right? Is it a noun? Crud…I dunno….

  5. How is the scale break treatin’ you? Meal planning is such a pain. I love how it keeps me on track, I hate pulling meals out of thin air and just doing it. I will be back at it next week… once I survive camp with my family and in-laws!

    Totally voted for you, of course! Cause you rock. …in a totally “fit tweep” sorta way. 🙂

  6. The part about the dog is cracking me up.

  7. Good luck with all the school goings on. Tis a beach for sure figuring everything out. I always felt like a chicken with my head cut off, for the first few weeks until I got things figured out. I have FULL confidence in your badassery and you’ll have no problems. 🙂

  8. I totally through a vote your way babe! I had a challenge called Flipping The Switch. It might be something up your ally to help you out. Oh wait it went to your email. Try it and see what you think.

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