#Mamavation Monday & Knockout the Fat update

Finally I have both babies home… ok, at 11 & 9 I guess they aren’t babies anymore, but you know what I mean. They will ALWAYS be my babies – even when they tower over me, and honestly, the eldest isn’t far from it!  The flight was delayed so it was a long night, but I snapped this picture of him as he got off the plane… yes, my son is so cool he wears his sunglasses at night… what can I say, he is my son 🙂

Would you believe he’s only 11?  Makes his brother seem short but really, he’s average height.  He had a great time in Colorado and from the stories, I don’t think they relaxed for a minute! So as soon as we had collected his bags and found our way to the car, it didn’t take long before he crashed!  There was ATV rides and White-water rafting and exploring and just general being a kid.  The youngest stayed here and was able to explore EXACTLY what summer should be too – just being a kid without chores or homework.  Just running free and figuring out who they each are.  It was a blessing to be able to give them both a month apart so they weren’t living in each other’s shadow and I am forever grateful to those who made that possible.

In other news, this week is BLOGHER!  I again am grateful for the opportunity and can not WAIT.  I’m excited to do some serious networking and meeting of new and respected bloggers, spend time with Leah & Lori, and hopefully learn a few things along the way about how to really make this space of mine worth reading.

To say I’m overwhelmed is an understatement but I know we’re going to have a blast.

On the Food & Fitness front – I’m super proud of the Hubs who has embraced a new fitness routine of daily walk/jogs.  And the dog is happy about that too!  With our lives back on a schedule I’m excited to get back to a routine instead of just fitting it all in when and where I can.  Lately, I’ve been getting headaches that are more frustrating than anything else.  I have no clue what the reason for them is, but I’m over it!

The scale and I are still friends even though there’s no change from last week.  I know why and this water weight will drop soon, but for now, it is what it is.  Can you believe this is the last week of the George Foreman Knockout the Fat weight loss challenge?  Stay tuned for some additional posts on that as the week concludes!

As for this week’s Mamavation Monday prompt, That alone could make this a really REALLY long post… but I’ll sum up

What are the next big goals you want to tackle?

Next big goal is the 1/2 Marathon I’m training for.  I’ll be running with Lori and am excited and scared.  Seriously, WHAT WAS I THINKING when I agreed?!?  That’s where my focus will be after this week and while I’ve been training already, I’ll be kicking it into high gear after I return from BlogHer and my schedule gets back to normal.

Can’t wait to hear all about YOUR goals!  Have a great week!

This post is sponsored by Flatout Bread and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation . Additionally, I was named  on of 10 bloggers selected for the George Foreman Knock out the Fat Weight loss challenge where I received compensation for my honest opinions.




  1. You’re going to have SO MUCH fun at BlogHer!

    My goals for the fall are to keep up with strength training so I can post some AWESOME times at the 5ks I’m running. Then I’ll be looking ahead for half marathon training too! Woot!

  2. Bummer on the headaches. I used to, and sometimes still get, migraines. It really puts a damper on your plans and workouts. Here’s to you finding the cause and having a BLAST at BlogHer!

  3. Have fun at BlogHer!! 🙂

  4. Always nice to have the kiddos around. So excited to hear you are running with Lori!! What a great way to stay motivated. Neither of you can quit. Lol

    I am so bummed not getting to see you gals at BlogHer. Have an AMAZING week!!

  5. You’re my hero. That is all.

  6. SO excited for everyone going to BlogHer. It was on my radar for a while, but I have travelled to so many conferences in the last 12 months I was kind of in the mood to just stay home. But, I shall live vicariously through all my friends who are going! HAve a great time!

  7. Monica Young says

    I know what you mean about they always being your babies. My mom still call me her baby and I 36…LOL
    Good luck on training for the marathon. I want to sign up for one next year.

  8. Is it Thursday yet?! OMG!!!!! {sqqqquuueeelllllsssss}

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