Mamavation Monday -Week 5 – Feb 14th 2011

It’s Valentines day 🙂

That used to make me cringe, but now it makes me smile for a few reasons – the obvious one is that I have a wonderful husband who not only shows me how much he cares with general acts of kindness and adoration throughout the year, but also takes Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to make me feel even more special.  

But all that aside, I also discovered a few years ago that we (I) don’t rely on others to fulfill the inner need to feel loved and appreciated, we are (I am) in control of my feelings and can take steps to ensure that my love tank remains full.  How do I do that? 

By focusing on ME – because

… and as much as we like to shift blame, no one can actually make us feel ANYTHING – we are in control of that too!  Isn’t that empowering?

So today on valentine’s day, I have several things planned to ensure that my heart remains full.

For starters, I’m going to get a run today as well as having a 30 minute workout scheduled for this evening.  This does a few things –

  1. I’m happy because I’m continuing to take steps towards my inevitable healthier future.  
  2. Endorphins make me happy and
  3. it’s a great way to release the tension of the day so I don’t carry my ‘work’ frustrations into my home

The hubs and I are going to celebrate with a HEART healthy dinner – we are having Chef’s Requested bacon wrapped filets, roasted asparagus, spinach salad and dark chocolate dipped strawberries for desert.  Why does this make me smile? 

1) I know that while it is a TASTY meal that the hubs will enjoy, it’s a meal that while sounding decadent, won’t derail all of the progress I’m making 🙂

2) It’s satisfying but won’t leave either of us so stuffed that we won’t be able to do our Mamavation homework later tonight (*wink wink*)

Today starts the focus back to me.  I’ve reworked my meal plans and my workout schedule.  I wasn’t feeling the groove of it all and was slacking on my workouts as a result.  Also a result?  No change on the scale.  But today I’m making sure to put me first, because when I do that, I am more prepared to put everyone else first too 🙂

Happy Valentines day!  Make sure that you do something to show yourself a little love today!  You are worth it!



  1. I firmly believe that when we love ourselves we can better express our love to others (but I teach yoga so am deeply entrenched in that body/mind/spirit union aspect of life). It sounds like you have a great foundation and I hope yesterday was blissful for you.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love that so many people are focusing on Self Love/Acceptance this Vday along with Love towards others. We all NEED love from other people, but unless we love ourselves, we cannot truly and fully love another in a healthy way! Great post:)

  3. What a delicious dinner and what a wonderful post! I’ve really been moved lately to re-start my Time For Me Thursday blog (carnival-esque) type posts. I’m so glad that you’re finding time to take care of you. *hugs*

  4. Rebecca @AYoyoMommy says

    Seriously an inspiring post. I really love how you know how to focus on yourself… Your priorities really seem right on, and that is a REALLY good thing. Your, your family. Girl, you’ve got it together! (hug) I hope you have a wonderful evening!! And a FANTASTIC week!

    • it took me a LONG time to understand that I needed to focus on me… many many MANY years spent blaming others for how I was feeling or what I DIDN’T have… let me feeling empty and angry. with the change in perspective, I’m so much happier. and life is better all the way around! HUGS to you!

  5. Good for you for taking time to step outside and see what you need to change. At least you have been maintaining, and not gaining. Your dinner sounds pretty yummy! We’re having heart-healthy fajitas for our Valentine dinner. One of hubby’s faves. Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy your homework. 🙂

  6. Way to go on shifting your focus back to the goals you’ve set to be a healthier you and incorporating out into your family’s lives too.

    You can do it and we are all here to keep you going when you need us.

    Hugs & luvs!

    • thank you darling 🙂 I know you are here for me – all the sistas really – and that is what makes this journey so rewarding 🙂 Thank you so much for your continued support!

  7. Happy Valentine’s day!

    As a single chica it is so important that I show myself some love on this day! As well as other folks in my life that I care deeply for!

    Hope you and your hubby have a great day!

  8. Can I come over for dinner?

    • LOL! sorry – only enough bacon wrapped filets for 2 🙂 besides, that would be QUITE a drive from there to here 😉

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