#mamavation Monday 3-13-2011

First of all, I’d like to thank you all for the warm thoughts and prayers for my step-daughter Kristen.  She was released from the hospital yesterday and is back home and doing well.  The doctors and nurses at Dell Children’s Hospital were wonderful and the latest round of antibiotic cocktail seem to be helping her considerably.

Last week started out with a bang and things were definitely on track… then, with Kristen going to the hospital Thursday, the rest of the week took a nose dive.  I’m not beating myself up over it, but instead starting fresh.

I’m back to logging my meals into My Fitness Pal; although I’m altering the way I use it.  I used to log each meal as I ate it, but then by the time dinner rolled around, I’d be faced with either too many calories needed or not enough.  Starting today, I’m using it to plan my entire day of meals to help me to better balance my intake throughout the day.  If I veer from the ‘plan’ I can then make the necessary changes.  I think this is going to work much better for me.

Also, I need more accountability, so I will begin daily journaling on Bookieboo.com to track my nutrition and fitness.  This is something that the Mamavation Moms all do and something that Rachel and I did during our “reign” as well.  I know from past experience, this will really help me to see what I’m doing and what I’m not doing and will assist me in keeping track.  

Campaign 8 is in FULL swing and so many wonderful applicants have already applied.  If you haven’t seen their videos yet, I highly encourage your to check them out here.  As is always the case, Leah can’t choose EVERYONE to participate in the boot camp… BUT!!! All of you are already entered in the MILI challenge where you can be rewarded for your hard work with cash and Earth Footwear!  A bit of advice to those of you applying – START NOW! Obviously the hazing is going on and I encourage you to push yourself beyond that.  Start watching your nutrition, cutting out things like Soda, Alcohol, Sugar, junk food… if you haven’t already of course.

Even if you aren’t applying to be a Mamavation Mom, did you know that you can act like one?  You can see what a day in the life looks like through the posts on bookieboo.com – Amanda, Angela, Kimberly, Rachel and myself have all posted what our days looked like throughout our campaign and I can’t encourage you ENOUGH to take a peak if you are interested in changing your life.  Also, anyone (well, any member) can post to your blog site on bookieboo, so if you want to step it up a notch and start daily journaling with me, let me know so I can support you as well!

Like I said, the week started out great but fell flat with the turmoil of hospitals, so honestly I expected to see a gain.  I’m lucky I didn’t but I’m kicking it into high gear this week before the scale moves in the wrong direction.

This week’s blogging carnival question really hit home with me –

Question: What time of day works best for you to be active?  How do you make sure you stick to those planned workouts?

My schedule – much like yours – is crazy hectic busy…. I work full time, I go to school, I’m raising kids, nurturing a marriage, plus all of Hubs family as well as my own are local which presents it’s own time demands.  And I love it ALL!  But there’s not much wiggle room.  I’ve tried to workout before work and that DID NOT work for me… AT ALL… I’m too much of a night owl to get up at 5-5:30am… So, I fit in my workouts after I get home from work and depending on the day, that could mean RIGHT after work or it could mean 11:00 at night.  I actually sleep better after a workout so I don’t mind doing it late at night.  As for how I make sure to stick to those planned workouts… that’s why I’m back to daily blogging on bookieboo.com.  I won’t post it if I don’t do it so you ladies (and gents) are what keeps me accountable.  

It’s really no secret… it all comes down to doing it even when you don’t want to.  Hope you have an AWESOME week!

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  1. I’m (homemom3) at myfitnesspal if you want to befriend me on there. 😉 I was so glad to hear in chat that your stepdaughter was doing better. I know whenever something happens to one of our kids we feel so helpless. I’m off to check your blog on bookieboo now. Can’t wait to read more of your posts.

  2. April@DoinTheWorkingMomThing says

    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I always think I’m supposed to be working out first thing in the morning but it never works out since I work nights at a children’s hospital and get very little sleep. Maybe I need to do it at night also. It’s easier to stay up later and to it than to get up earlier to do it. Hmmm…thinking about this.

  3. So glad Kristi is on the mend. Wishing her a speedy and full recovery. Going back to what works is a great idea ~ I know that keeping track of my meals has really made a difference in how and what I eat because I’m much more aware of the impact. Keep pressing forward and you’ll be rewarded.

  4. So glad that she’s home & doing ok. Plus, I just have to say omg, look at your pretty toes! I actually went into the one and only salon that I know of around here to find out how much a pedicure costs. I think it’s going to be my 10lb omg you kicked ass reward. This is a new week and a new start and you’re going to rock it. I don’t have a single doubt about that!

  5. So glad K is home and they took such good care of her.
    I like the idea of daily blogging/journaling about the food. I was using Greta to help me eat my daily calories, but that’s a lot on someone else’s plate. I would love to do that as soon as I get to a place that I can be in control again.
    I am gonna take you up on being my accountability friend. I need some right now. Can’t wait to hang out this June!

  6. Glad that Kristen is on the mend! I hope that this antibiotic works for her and she doesn’t have to endure all of that stuff again!

    And on the myfitnesspal stuff – you know this already, but you have to do what works for you or else you will avoid doing it!

    Have a great week and thanks for being such an awesome sista!

  7. I am glad your step daughter is on her road to recovery. You are right, it is no secret…you just have to do it. Thank you so much for being so awesome and supportive. I can’t believe how much it jas helped knowing that I am not alone.

  8. @RunningRachel says

    HUGS and Woots!

    Woot that K is doing better and at home.
    Woot for a maintance on the scale.
    Woot for new fresh beginnings!


    You are awesome! I have my fitness mojo back… now working on my nutrition. 🙂

  9. Now I feel like a jerk – being so busy and haven’t said anything good to you lately. It is all better now, and that’s what is important is that everything is ok now. Right? Good for you on logging you food again – I so need to go back to that. The time always ends up being an issue

  10. Amanda Odair says

    Its amazing how life can get us down and in our way. But look you maintained which is wonderful! Greta job and I know that you will lose that weight!

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