#Mamavation Monday – 1/9/12 –

The end of the year… holidays… change… adjustments.  That about sums up the last few months.  Honestly, I’ve been sleepwalking it seems through a fog of frustration, anger, confusion, and… melancholy.  No other way to explain it that I can think of.  The changes are good, but leave me missing the idea of “what should be” and that’s frustrating in and of itself.

What “should” be?  Who says?  it’s a crazy concept to plan our lives or measure our success based on someone else’s idea of what “should” be.  So I’m replacing all the SHOULD’s in my world with more empowering words… I CAN.  I WILL.  I AM.  and re-discovering just how absolutely fantastic I am.  And how worthy I am.  and not kicking myself in the ass for forgetting it in the first place.

Starting with getting back in a routine.

Right before the holidays, I had my house immaculate.  Seriously.  then I got back from our holiday trip and I still have laundry to do – all over my bedroom floor (and the living room)… and a garage that barely looks like I made a dent in it so back to my plan to get… and STAY organized.

Today is the first day of the newest 2 week challenge and that is going to help me to get back into a routine of putting my health, fitness, and ultimately happiness FIRST.

I’m back to planning my meals- even just one day at a time – instead of waiting till I get home from a long day at work and grabbing whatever looks yummy… THAT’S a recipe for disaster!

yeah, I know, should have started this last week… there it is again, that pesky “should” and to that I say pah-shaw.  I don’t care about should.  I care about doing and that’s where I’m at.  starting with losing the lbs that I latched onto over the holidays with WAY too much emotional eating.

I have 24 weeks until my next Birthday (36 years wise).  I’m setting goals for where I’d like to be by then and part of that includes taking up permanent residence in ONE-derland.   I’m creating my vision board that will hang with pride in my bedroom where it will be the first thing I see each morning and last thing I see each night.  It doesn’t matter when you start, only that you do.

Something else I suppose I should think about as I age ever so gracefully (hahahahahaha) is a skin care regime and honestly, hadn’t thought about it at all until that was the prompt for this week’s Mamavation Monday post prompt-

What do you find most challenging in skin care?

The first thing I thought was – um… nothing… I mean I shower and wash my face, I put on SPF mousturizer… I usually remove any make up worn before I hit the sack and drink a GRIP of water each day… what else is there? Then I started looking at all of the amazing products that Budhi Skin Care (this week’s Mamavation TV sponsor) offers… and maybe I should add a more… structured skin care routine…

darn it… there’s that pesky “should” word again… see how it totally permeates my vocabulary?

I should totally work on that…





This post is sponsored by Budhi Skin Care and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women



  1. It’s the first step that counts – and then each one after that. Don’t worry about not having started this stuff yet, just get to it now. I always get myself psyched out because I put stuff off or I think I should’ve started it before. I’m definitely learning to just do it now – regardless of what I haven’t done yet or what I might do tomorrow! You’ll be back on the bandwagon in no time, I’m sure!

  2. I love that you are ditching the word “should”!! I know you can do this!!

  3. Don’t let “should” weigh you down right now. Today you started a new challenge and you WILL tick your way down to “one”derland. YOU WILL!

  4. I definitely think you have to plan ahead as it’s too easy to grab the closest thing to you to eat. Good luck on the challenge!!! 🙂

  5. love your idea for a vision board! Also love the postitive thoughts! I have to say getting organized or at least feeling more organized definitely helps get everything else on track in my opinion. I would continue on this line of thought…but need to get some done here while dealing with a screaming baby. Sorry….Good luck!

  6. I struggle with the same thing. I do the same routine with my skin that I did in my teens and 20s. I’m sure something definitely needs to change.

    • I hear ya… I keep thinking I won’t worry until I see wrinkles… I guess by then it’s too late though LOL!

  7. Organize and Prioritize is a GREAT mantra that I should adopt. As it stands right now, “keep my head above water” is about the best I can do.

    • and yet, you do it beautifully. but if needed, I’ll pass along a pair of floaties you can borrow. you are amazing

  8. I might need to jump on the vision board band wagon. You all are inspiring me.

    Isn’t it funny how staying organized is way harder than getting organized?!?

  9. Marie Nichols says

    I need a vision board too. That might help me prioritize things. Have a great week!

  10. I hear ya! Time to organize and prioritize! Time to focus on my health too. Love you, girl!

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