#Mamavation Mom Finalist – Lena (@elenka29) – Campaign 8

As promised, Here is the first in a series of Guest Posts from our Mamavation Mom Finalists!  I hope you’ll take the time to vote for whomever you feel inspires you the most.  All of the candidates are worthy of this honor and would make GREAT Mamavation Moms.

Each campaign, there are many who apply and then dissapear… so when someone sticks around and makes changes to their life, it really stands out.  You may have seen Lena on twitter as she nudges us to join her at the #breakfastclub and is always encouraging us no matter what!  Not to mention she has an AWESOME accent!  So, in her words, Here’s LENA!

I can talk for hours about so many different topics, but one – myself. Start asking me to talk about myself and I get suddenly lost.

I am your average Mom. I am always running late taking kids to babysitter or classes. I am in grocery stores, doctor offices, and playgrounds. I am like so many and I want to be Your next Mamavation Mom.


I have two kids, two very active monkeys – 3.5 year old girl and 20 months old boy. They are the best when they first wake up in the morning (don’t they all). They are so adorable – I would film their every move and would watch it after they go to sleep


My husband and I met at the dealership and didn’t like each other. It’s been 11 years and I can’t imagine my life without him. So, I guess I don’t believe in a love from the first sight, ah?



I have a pretty picture of me, where I am 125 lb and a lots of pictures where I hide behind my kids. My weight just might have something to do with it.I know it’s a long way, but with the support of my family and the sistahood I will get there.


Thank You for being here for me and for support I get every day. I will continue doing what I can to give you back the same.




(@elenka29) Video application


Don’t forget to vote



Isn’t she ADORABLE?  Not to mention she has some great giveaways on her blog right now so go check them out!

Good Luck Lena!  and Good Luck to all the finalists!

If you’d like to follow along with Lena on her journey, (which I HIGHLY recommend) head on over to her bloggy-home Way 2 Good Life.  Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter as well! And check back each day this week where we will be featuring guest posts from the other Finalists as well!



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