#Mamavation Mom Finalist – Andrea (@notimemom) – Campaign 8

Hello faithful readers!  Today is day 3 in the “Get to know the Mamavation Mom Finalists!  In today’s post, I hope you’ll get to know Andrea (@notimemom) as I have over our time together in the Mamavation Sistahood.  She, Like Lena, applied during Campaign 7 and ROCKED the MILI challenge.  Her strength and perseverance have been evident to all who follow her journey, but without further ado, I’ll let Andrea explain why SHE wants to be the next Mamavation Mom!

Hi! I’m Andrea from Adventures in All Things Food.

You could say I am just your average Mom. I stay at home with two little ones, 19 months and 3 years old, in the Pacific Northwest. It is a crazy life… diapers, potty training, meals to prepare, messes, sibling fights and a big house to keep clean. But, I am trying to make some big changes in my life. Actually in me.

I have been battling my weight and the roller coaster of ups and downs since I went to college. Add to this large gains with baby weight and the stress of having both of my children diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder (PKU), I haven’t taken care of myself as I should.

Despite trying to keep up my active lifestyle, once I quit my job to take care of my children’s health issues I became sedentary, I snacked and my self-esteem went down as I got larger and larger. If you have been struggling to lose your baby weight, are unhappy with your own level of fitness or know someone struggling with weight, you might understand the vicious cycle. Eating to soothe bad feelings about being overweight never helps the problem!

I am here applying to be a Mamavation Mom for campaign 8 to do something for myself. Actually, everyone in my family will benefit from me having more energy and an improved mood, but ultimately I need this for myself. I have almost 70 lbs to lose to be at a healthy weight for my 5’4″ frame. Mamavation’s 7-week boot-camp is just what I need to get me started, get my muscles working and give me the tools to succeed in permanent weight loss. So, do I know what I am getting myself into? Well, I joined Mamavation last year and have watched some amazing women transform their bodies and change their thinking about getting fit. It is a great time for me to step up and shine!

Now I have one week to ask for votes before the Campaign launch and twitter party on 4/4. Would you help me on my quest to be a Mamavation Mom? Voting is simple! Just click on “notimeMom” and then hit “enter” at the bottom of the Mamavation Voting page. If you identify with me, or my story has touched you, please ask your friends and family to vote for me. Post on facebook, tweet, any help is greatly appreciated.

After you vote, be sure to enter my “Thank You” giveaways. I am giving away:
EA Sports Active 2 for the Wii (1 winner)
$25 Amazon Gift Card (1 winner)

Thank you! You can follow my journey on my blog and on twitter.

In case your missed it, Don’t forget to check out the posts for Lena & MiaCupcake!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a chance to get to know another remarkable finalist!

I hope you’ll join me in my support of the finalists and CAST YOUR VOTE for who you think would be the most inspirational!


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