Get to know your Mamavation Mom Applicants – Guest Post – Andrea

Today’s guest post is from another Mamavation Sista who is ready to take the plunge and change her life forever! with no further ado – I present to you Andrea:

Hi everyone! I am Andrea from Adventures in all Things Food. Just your average (slightly) crunchy SAHM with a love of food and very little time. I have two beautiful children with PKU which has caused a great shake-up in my traditional views of food, but has made me feel blessed that there is a treatment for their condition. I started my blog originally to chronicle my cooking and food adventures, but now, 3 years later, it is so much more.

Now my adventure takes me deep into the toughest challenge I have ever faced, permanent weight loss. You see, I didn’t grow up overweight. I was active and healthy… with a healthy appetite. College took me to a whole new world of sitting and reading late into the night. That is when the fat began to creep on. At first I just bought a new pair of pants, and laughed it off as the freshman 15. But, before long I was wading through XL’s and size 16s.

As like many other dieters, I was able to drop down to a M and size 8. I was not too thin, but comfortable at 138. But, my life hadn’t changed and I went back to my old bad habits and uncomfortable size. My largest after my son’s birth was 214. I cried when I realized I had gone over 200. How did it happen?

Today I am a 30-something Mama of two busy kiddos. Since their diet is so restricted, I worry about them gaining extra weight later on in life. Most of what they can eat is medically modified processed foods, or beverage (we call their “milk”). Unfortunately the only regular food they can eat are either “junk foods” or very simple items low in protein. The only thing I can do is offer them a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies, as well as make sure our family adopts an active lifestyle.

In steps Mamavation. My application to be a Mamavation Mom goes beyond just losing pounds. I want to make life-style changes that will positively impact my family and the lives of my children. Since applying, we have danced more, laughed louder and have started daily walks. All pushing my goal and the needs of my family in the right direction. If I can be one of the next Mamavation Moms selected, besides gaining more tools to make these changes, I hope to inspire through delicious, easy to make recipes. I bet everyone could use some new menu ideas, right? I also hope to give all mamas out there an average person they can watch go through the tough stuff, but still keep smiling. I feel so driven to try out for this, and hope I can have your support. Just tweet whenever you can:

Hey @bookieboo! I want @notimeMom to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!

I hope you’ll join me in supporting ALL of the Mamavation Applicants on their journey!  In case you missed it – make sure you get to know the other Mamavation Applicants featured here – Kimberly & Christi, and stay tuned for a few more fantastic mamas to be featured over the next few days!


  1. Thank you so much for posting and hosting this. Such a great idea to introduce the applicants to a wider audience.

    I appreciate all the support!

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