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In case you are living under a rock and don’t look at Facebook or a Calendar, It’s Valentines Day…

valentinesThere are plenty of posts out there talking about the holiday – both for and against – and I thought to myself – “Self, Why Not… I’m not afraid to jump on that band wagon…”

Most of my past Valentine’s Days were huge let downs… even if my significant other tried their very best to make it suck less.  This year – I literally have ZERO expectations except that I will be spending time with the Wooer and some very dear and wonderful friends.

Do you know what THAT means?  That means that as long as those two things happen, It’s ALL GOOD!

I heard on the radio yesterday that today’s Facebook Activity will reflect fewwer women online today.  Why?  Simple – {according to a study that I don’t know much about} The “single gals” will be avoiding Facebook because they don’t want to see all the flowers and gifts that the gals in relationships are sharing. The “married or otherwise spoken for gals” don’t want to be stuck comparing their gifts (or lack thereof) with the gifts of their friends…

Do you know what I say to that?  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?  We all know I’m on Facebook far too much.  It’s where my friends live.  I’ve taken a hiatus or two away from the book of faces, but usually because I was dealing with something… NOT to avoid my friends joy and happiness… Joy and happiness should be shared freely and often without judgement.

I LOVE seeing that my friends are getting amazing gifts of flowers and whatnot – because I want my friends to be happy.

I LOVE seeing my friends post things about “Real Love” and the normal day-to-day things their paramour does to show their affection.

I LOVE seeing the types of things that my Single friends post either in an expression of affection towards themselves or friends or family or hell, even their pets.

Why?  Because everyone is lovable and there is love everywhere… we just are sometimes blind to it.

And it may not even be the Hollywood Romance kind of love depicted by such movies as Pillow Talk, Serendipity, Love Actually, The Notebook, The Princess Bride… I could go on…

It may not be the kind of love that is in a love song like Al Green’s “Let’s stay together” or Frank Sinatra’s “Fly me to the Moon”  Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable”… Rascal Flatts “Bless the Broken Road”

…again, I could go on

It may not be the type of love that Hallmark chooses to recognize…. although I’m pretty sure they have a card for everything…

It may not be the type of Grand Gestures like the way that my friend Kristen over at Two Cannoli was proposed to – seriously this is an amazing proposal and lovely story – Or even something as well planned as my other favorite proposal…

Instead, the love you see might be a child who made you a valentine… or a mother who didn’t scream about the mopping needed after said Valentine’s craft activity.

It might be the person in front of you buying your coffee or you returning the favor for the person in line behind you.

It might be the smile you give a stranger.

It might be a kind word to a child.

It could even be the way that someone smiles when they see you.

We are all so busy looking for conventional love that we might miss out on the other love that wraps us each day.

I could be the way that you and your partner refuse to watch a special show without the other…


It Could be your shared love of cheesy puns and Pick up lines….


It could be your appreciation for the lack of emotion stated out loud or deflected with humor….

Or maybe you are both a bit geeky?

Or maybe you just like to be silly and laugh together.

Maybe you seize the opportunity today to tell your bestie how you feel

Or even pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Whatever your situation, on this and every day forward, I hope you feel loved and appreciated whether by others or yourself.  I hope you feel gratitude for all of the silver linings and the trials that make you stronger.

I’d also like to issue a special thank you to the fine ladies behind Two Cannoli, Ink and Vodka, Sarafina’s Kitchen and of course Food Good, Laundry Bad who helped to round out this post in a way I wouldn’t have been able to do without them.  Thanks Ladies!  Also – did you know that every time you leave a blog comment it’s like giving a blogger a hug?  You should go visit these lovely ladies and share some hugs.

Happiness is contagious y’all.





  1. Hope your V-Day was great! Ours was lovely- just a very nice day all around and we were all happy to spend some fun time together.

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