I Love…

This post could very easily get long winded.  I’ll try to restrain myself but the fact of the matter is, I love A LOT.  Fiercely and without apology.  If we are friends, guess what?  I love you.

And when I say I love you to my family and friends, I feel like this is a good time to talk about what I mean by that.

Love to me is: a deep caring and concern for the other person.  Wanting their happiness …even when it doesn’t include or involve you and celebrating their joys without jealousy.  A desire to share good bad and ugly with another person.  Freedom to be oneself without fear of judgment or attack.  Love is a common bond shared between two people that defies explanation.  Love is acceptance for where your friend is at without requiring them to be where you want  them to be. 

I wasn’t always this way, in fact.  There is at least one person I saw this weekend who would gladly regale you with stories of how she and I “could have been friends in high school if I weren’t such a bitch” but I try not to put too much stock in people who are bat-shit crazy cause ain’t nobody got time for dat.

Over the years, I made a decision that I would rather be open and giving with my heart than to turn cynical and hardened.  Ok, truth is I’ve tried and failed at being cynical many times.  I finally simply decided I’m ok with that but whatever.  Details.  Minor Details.

Some might say that when you love as much as I do, and throw it around too often it loses its meaning.  I disagree.  I see it as filling my world up with so much love that there’s not room for anything else.

Other than my friends and family, here are another 100 things I love…


Quiet nights with friends, Reading, Movies, Chocolate, Introspection, Learning, Puns, Bad Jokes, Sunshine, Dragonflies, Time with my boys, Thunderstorms, Flowers, Hope, Patience, Appreciation, Honesty, Dark humor, Flip flops, Good music, Wine, Coffee, Old books, New Books, Swimming, Dancing, Singing, skipping rocks in the lake, Handwritten letters, My boobs, Cozy Sweatshirts, Rain on the roof, Fresh baked cookies, Freshly changed sheets, Crocheting on the couch, Sitting on the front porch, Kissing, Playing board & card games, Campfires, cuddling, Autumn leaves, Long hot baths, Candles, Dreaming, Warm hugs, Nail polish, Laughing so hard you can’t breathe and you don’t even make a sound so you look like an idiot, Conversations that last too long, Musicals, Sleeping, Road trips, Popsicles, Picnics, Smiling, Fishing, Camping, Glamping, Sunglasses, Knowing where I stand, Full moons, Holding hands, Emoticons, Rain puddles, Phone calls from friends, writing, Puppies, Cats, Antique shopping, Staring at the stars, Thrift store finds, Planned Spontaneity, The smell of rain, Sherlock, Grilled cheese sandwiches, Roasted veggies, Baking cookies for my boys, Making someone’s day a bit brighter, Comfy jammy pants, Pedicures with Mom, Snuggling in Bed on cold mornings, Harry Potter, My hair, Roller Coasters, Feeling pretty, Ice cream, Swing Sets, Second chances, Joy, Seeing Flowers in bloom, BACON, Good food with Friends, Fireflies in summer, Watching for shooting stars, Sonic Ice, Tiramisu, Integrity, People Watching, Inside Jokes , Watching Disney Movies with my kids, Sitting in silence with your best friend because words don’t need to be said, and like I already mentioned, you.




  1. You gotta give love to get love. I believe in loving freely, wildly, openly. I’d rather have my heart broken than never feel the full depth of attraction, passion, empathy and awe.

  2. Love you too, Shelley-bean!

    • Do you know that in all if the nicknames I’ve ever had, I don’t recall Shelley-bean being one of them? And I kinda dig it :p

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