Lost and Found – Mamavation Monday

I don’t know what happened… ok, I do… but I don’t know why. The beginning of the week was HORRID – lacking motivation, not wanting to do what I know I need to – I wasn’t eating the right things, and it was like I just didn’t care – all the while my brain was screaming at me to stop the sabotage! I could list plenty of excuses – school winding down and finals this week (I’m done tomorrow), stress, “that time of the month”, fatigue, etc. the list could go on and on but the bottom line is I didn’t eat right, I didn’t exercise like I should, I LOST my motivation…

and the scale shows it

That’s right – I GAINED 2 LBS 🙁

I’m embarressed by the slide… but I also know that is not productive. Luckily, by Friday I had finally pulled myself out of the funk – and FOUND my motivation again. Friday I did day 1 of c25k and although it was harder than I thought it would be, it was easier than the last time I tried in Feb of 2009. I know I’m back on track NOW and the scale WILL reflect it next week. Saturday, took a 4 mile walk with our very own SOTW Jessica, but somewhere along the way I tweaked my ankle. I couldn’t do ANYTHING yesterday and today isn’t much better, but at least I’m eating clean whole foods again and watching my portions. I’m back to sticking with the nutrition plan Alysa gave me as a Mamavation Mom and while I need to stay off my foot, that doesn’t mean I can’t find other exercise to fit into my day – the plan for today (and as long as it takes for my ankle to get better) is to stick with upper body – weights while I’m sitting on my balance ball is the most challenging I can come up with so I’m definately open to ideas. I’m also going to be working in some gentle Yoga that the Dr. approved, and floor exercises are on the ‘menu’ as well.

C25K is obviously on a hiatus for now, but I’m actually looking forward to being able to start it again.

All in all, I fell off plan for a week and it’s time to get back on the wagon. I know it is a process but I’m still frustrated that I fell so quickly after the end of the campaign.

Speaking of the campaign – i can NOT WAIT to see who all applies! I’m looking forward to seeing all of your videos and cheering you on!



  1. hate that about your ankle! I hope you’re resting well and allowing it to heal.

    One reason I decided not to weigh at that time of month is because of the discouragement of seeing the scale go up. As long as I move a decent amount and drink tons of water, it evens out for me.


  2. tlpunlimited says

    Shelley Doll you are a rockstar!

    You need to remember that for weeks like this…

    There is something I wanted to share with you though. Something I was told by a mentor years ago. He actually told me this because I was struggling with my business, but I feel it is powerful in every aspect of our life.


    I know that comes as a shocker probably but deep down “most” people realize that is the case within themselves. Fear of failure is NOT the number one reason most people “fail” to achieve their goals/ambitions, it’s the fear of success.

    It’s something I’ve seen Jillian “preach” about on BL over and over again as she’s trying to get into the heads of the contestants.

    Us “overweight” people need to remember this ourselves with our weightloss goals. Don’t be afraid of being in the spotlight as you turn hot and sexy…. don’t be afraid of the compliments that will come….

    If you’re like me… that’s what has held me back for so very long! I realized while watching Losing It with Jillian yesterday (Hulu.com is great) that, that was what I have been doing. I have been afraid to change… afraid to succeed, and afraid of the compliments/spotlight that will come with changing myself so drastically.

    Hugs girl…. and have an awesome week… if you ever need anything holler at me!

  3. I think you still did a great job this week with the recovery turn around at the end and even hurting yourself, which happens. You are aware of your limits and surroundings, changing as needed. You are a wonderful Mamavation mommy mentor!

  4. good luck with your goals this week and i would recommend bouncing on the balence ball during a program your legs feel it after awhile and it keeps you in motion. also doing arm exercises with your dumbells during commericals of shows.

  5. April @ Doin' The Working Mom Thing says

    I think you have to expect to have days like you did this week. The difficulty comes in pulling yourself out of it and back on track. It sounds like you did this pretty quickly. Good for you and here’s to a great week!

  6. Hang on! Motivation needs inspiration and we are here for you. Good luck with everything

  7. Sounds like we have had a similar week .. I am a little afraid to step on the scale but we can’t fix what we don’t face so I will just have to suck it up (or in haha) and face the music! We will get back on the wagon together this week!

  8. Eh, it seems normal for one to kind of decompress after the campaign. It’s a lot of pressure, you needed those few days and now you’re back in business.

    So you sprained it or what? You can do hand weights punching stuff? That’s what my pal Jillian says, at least ha ha.

    That 2 pounds will be gone in no time. Heal up so you can do the p90x with us!!

  9. I am proud of you that you are back on track. With finals alone that is enough to screw up anyone’s schedule. I am sorry about your ankle. Be sure to mention that to your yoga instructor for modifications. Have a great week and good luck with finals.

  10. Hugs! My scale was not friendly to me this week either (I actually weighed myself multiple times that morning waiting for the lower number) LOL

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