Little things…

It’s been said that I appreciate the little things. And I do. I’m a big believer that you can’t appreciate the grand gestures if you can’t appreciate the small ones.

Little things that may seem insignificant to you mean far more to me…

Flowers on a first date.
A text.
A new book.
Fixing your bad day with grilled cheese.
Sharing a new book or movie.
The way it feels when someone plays with your hair.
Reading a favorite story aloud.

Little things. Insignificant really that all on their own meant nothing… Except that they did to me.

Until the day that someone says “it’s just not working any more” which if we’re all honest with ourselves is really just code for “you are no longer worth my effort.”

And then you look back on all those little things that meant far more to you than they should have and replay every little thing like a movie in your mind.

In the beginning it’s fun. It’s easy to do the little things. You like making the other person happy so you do all the little things…

Then, it’s not any more and the little things are the ones you are grasping at meaning with. Things that allow you to turned a blind eye at all the big things staring you in the face.

The trinkets you saved…
The books you read…
The movies you shared…
The silence when there should have been comfort.

I’ll always appreciate the little things. It’s part of what makes me (dot dot dot) well, me.

I’ll always find the silver lining. I’ll always find the bright side.

Kinda sucks at times to be honest.

You see, you over appreciate the little things and find yourself wanting…wanting to have someone share the grand gestures when even the little things are too much to give.



  1. I love you so big. It’s a little thing but it’s big to me. I’m available in october for mischief to be managed.

  2. I have this post open in three tabs because I keep opening and re-reading it and wanting to comment and not knowing how to translate the feeling in my heart into words.

    Every one of those little things is like a little burn on the heart that ends up feeling like one aching owie when it’s over. I’m so sorry you have this instead of your original post idea. Not because I would have preferred one over the other but because I want you to be happy and cared about the way your friends love and care about you in all the little and big ways.

    • I am ok Decki. I love and appreciate you and this comment. It did make my eye holes start leaking again but I’ll forgive ya for that 😉

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