They listen

Yesterday was jam packed with ATV fun and seeing some family that we don’t see very often.

We made our way across Weston pass- stopping of course to play in the snow… In July… 20140707-061724-22644965.jpg

And let the pup play in the river …


And of course take our annual pic at the top of the pass


Mom even took an opportunity to share her stories with mini-me and his love for the history of us is a beautiful thing.

During the course of story telling, stories of my childhood came up. Stories of my brother and the hell he caused… At one point mom asked why I never said anything about how hard he made life…

The answer I gave was simply “why? You were doing everything you could and my bitching wouldn’t have changed anything except added more stress”

Even then I guess I knew that complaining about the things you can’t change isn’t productive. Instead, those years helped shape me and gave me strength and independence. Skills that I’m glad I have now. Skills that I don’t know where I’d be without.

Mini-me soaked it all in listening from the back seat while the giant rode in the Jeep ahead of us with dad. He sat for a minute in silence…contemplation… And then said, “you always say stuff makes you bitter or better… I’m glad you chose better mom.”

I guess they really do listen.



  1. Aww. That’s why he’s the mini you 😉

  2. A good reminder that they are little sponges at every age. And that they are lucky to have such a positive influence in their life.

    • By this line of thinking they will also know how to curse like a sailor and veg out for season marathons on netflix like a champ. Oh well, win some. Lose some.

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