Don’t blame the Lettuce

Photo Credit Photofarmer

Photo Credit Photofarmer

I don’t have a lot of free time.  Duh.  But I do like to read a few {dozen} blogs fairly regularly.  For clarity, I said I LIKE TO… not that I always get to.

The other day last year I was perusing Bigzig Fitness when a post he wrote really spoke to me… a post about Blame… in all fairness, Thich Nhat Hanh originally wrote it, so Bigzig gets mad props for sharing it with me.

And yes… This post idea has been sitting in my drafts folder for over a year. STFU. I’m sharing it now.

When You Plant Lettuce

Thich Nhat Hanh

“When you plant lettuce, if it does not grow well, you don’t blame the lettuce. You look for reasons it is not doing well. It may need fertilizer, or more water, or less sun. You never blame the lettuce. Yet if we have problems with our friends or family, we blame the other …person. But if we know how to take care of them, they will grow well, like the lettuce. Blaming has no positive effect at all, nor does trying to persuade using reason and argument. That is my experience. No blame, no reasoning, no argument, just understanding. If you understand, and you show that you understand, you can love, and the situation will change”

Lettuce take a moment to really reflect on that…{sad sad pun intended} but seriously, stop for a second… take a deep breath… re-read those words with intention.

Now take a moment to reflect on areas that may not be working as well in your life. Are you by chance blaming yourself or are you looking for areas where you can impact change and make a difference.

Food for thought.



  1. This is something I needed to hear. Desperately. Thank you.

  2. Give peas a chance.

  3. thank you.
    it is always rewarding to learn that something that i have said or posted or quoted actually made a difference.
    i fall back to the lettuce quite often, especially when i realize that i am falling into the blame game trap.
    rock on, Momma_oz!!

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