Let Go…

The start of a new year is generally the time when most people start to think about how to change themselves. Usually through the process of addition – Adding more structure to their finances… Adding more rules to their diet… adding more workouts to their schedule…

What we tend to lost track of though, are the things we should consider letting go of…

No – Not THAT kind of letting go… Although Giant LOVES when I belt that bad boy out at the to of my lungs… with the windows rolled down… around all his friends at school… {Insert Sarcasm Font here}

But seriously – In my quest to remember that I am Enough, I also realized that there are ideas, beliefs, and even people that I need to let go of… Ideas, beliefs and people that hold me hostage in my mind and prevent my wings from spreading.

If I’m ever going to fly, I must first lose the things that no longer serve me.

I’m letting go – as often as I can remember to – of fear that has crippled me and made me feel weak in some very specific situations. Fear no longer serves me and I’m strong enough to act from a loving place to protect those who matter.

I’m letting go of guilt… guilt for decisions that were made years ago… when I was in a different space. I choose to remember that the best decisions were made given the circumstances of the moment.

I’m letting go of my Giant in some ways (hanging on tighter in others) so that he too can find his own wings to learn to fly…

I’m letting go of people who don’t, can’t, or won’t fit into the boxes I’ve defined for them. Instead, seeing truer colors and accepting the roles in my life that they choose to play. Even if that means they no longer want to be part of this production.

That’s scary though… and exciting… when you discard the things that have defined you in some way – large or small – what are you left with?

There’s much more I’m letting go of but these are the ones I can semi-define in words at this time. And you know what? This is enough.

Let Go


Axis of Ineptitude

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  1. You know I am in the same boat. I am learning that its okay to let go…. For my sanity I need to let go so I can become the best me I can be.

  2. I’m glad you’re letting the people out of their boxes. I mean, sure the rest of us call them cages and keeping people like that is illegal but letting them go on your own before the cops find you? Super mature decision.

    (Sincere part coming.)

    The forgiveness we can give ourselves by truly believing we made the best decisions we could at the time instead of armchair quarterbacking with all the stuff that happened after as if we could have known about it? It didn’t even dawn on me how powerful that idea is until I read this and kind of did a “spot check” on my decisions and situations of the past. It’s a dark road, but one I think I need to shed some light on myself. Thank you for the words that brought me to that place.

    • I love the sarcasm almost as much as the sincere part for what its worth. And while you shine your light, ill be shining into some of the dark in my world so at least neither is venturing out alone.

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