We are now just two sleeps away from the Listen to Your Mother shows… and there is no way to truly describe the feelings.  It’s part denial, part excitement, a few parts fear… and I keep getting reassured by Kristin and Leigh Ann that the end result of this emotional cake we’re baking will be magical.  
I'm so Excited I'm so scared

Truth is… I wouldn’t be here if not for my tribe.  Over the last few years, I’ve watched and supported friends who have submitted their words to the audition process.  I’ve envied their confidence.  My words simply live here and in my private journals and I never really considered that anyone beyond you, my loyal readers, would want to hear them.  But then… I took a leap and submitted.  I didn’t honestly believe that I would make the cut but wanted to at least play along.

When the email came in saying that I had been granted an audition, I actually convinced myself that there just weren’t very many submissions and while I was going to audition, there was no way I’d make the cut.  Auditioning with Evin made it easier of course because taking a leap with your bestie by your side is way more fun. {think Thelma & Louise but not that drastic}

and then… I got the email that I had been selected… and I sat and stared at the words on my phone {because isn’t that where everyone checks email?} for the longest time trying to process the whole situation. 

When I walked into the first audition, surrounded by strangers {except for Kristin and Leigh Ann of course} I had only stalked on Facebook, there was an energy in the room that couldn’t be ignored.  We were all a bit nervous {some more than others} and excited and unsure. As each story was shared, all the feels were felt – a joyous mixture of tears and laughter that leave you feeling somehow more complete. We may have walked into the room as strangers, but we left connected to one another in a way that only the sharing of the most real and raw emotion can do.  

I wanted to write about how amazing each of these women are.  I wanted to share a snippet about each one individually so that you might see just how amazing each and every one of them is, but I find myself using the same words to describe each and every one of them.  Amazing… Kind… Real… Honest.  I’d invite you to head over and checkout Lane’s post on the show where she shares thoughts about each of us that I nodded and smiled the whole way through.  She said it well and leaves nothing for me to add.

I thought about really diving in to the roller coaster of emotions… but I can’t say it any better than Lisa Caldwell  did in over at Hip Baby Mama.

I wanted to talk a bit about the impact each of their stories has had on me, but for that, you’ll have to wait.  I don’t want to ruin it just two days {TWO DAYS!!!} before show time.  For now, you’re going to just have to take my word for it.  The shows are going to be amazing.  Trust me. {and now if you haven’t already} 

LTYM Austin Cast 2015Beyond the opportunity to put my words out there for the whole world to hear… beyond the opportunity to make my mother cry in public for good reasons {I’m expecting big ugly cry but I could be wrong}… beyond the opportunity to feel the outpouring of love from my friends who will be in the audience on Saturday and those there in spirit because of geography… I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet some truly remarkable women through this process.  All because I took a leap.


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