Just another day

Today I officially turned 38 and it is just another day.

I was awakened by the sound of birds chirping and I was reminded how blessed I am to have a comfortable life that affords me quiet moments like this because it’s just another day.

I set about my morning routine of caring for the cats and mucking through the yard. I took a little extra time as I was feeding the chickens and soaked in all of the beauty of the yard. My mother pours love into the landscape and moments like this remind me how fortunate I am. Today the yard wasn’t any different… It was just another day.

I was loved on through facebook messages and warm wishes from friends near and far. I took a moment to respond to each and every one of them- not out of some preconceived obligation but because I feel truly blessed by those of you in my world. And because you are all so important to me every day, the outpouring of love reminds me this this is just another day.

I received a phone call from my babies singing me happy birthday and when I’m faced with the difficulties that co parenting bring about… Especially not always getting to hug them when I want to, I hugged them through the phone… Just like any other day.

The text messages and phone calls from those I hold nearest to my heart brought more happy tears as I was reminded how many of you love like I love (more on that tomorrow) without the need for perfection and acceptance of who I am. Just like any other day.

As I enjoyed my coffee I took a few moments to send happy thoughts filled with love out to some who are struggling with health crises, relationship turmoil, confusion, fear, depression and anxiety. I counted my blessings in that moment that this perfect day for me is just like any other day.

I am thankful for each and every one of you who love, accept, support and encourage me – not today because it is my birthday but every day. You are amazing and my heart overflows with love for you all.



  1. The chickens called me this morning and said, “garble garble, hers a good egg! Garble, garble.”

  2. Oh Shelley, this is beautiful… I’m so glad your birthday was truly magical – joy and love through the ordinary and seeing how beautiful life is regardless of how it might seem at times is the true magic, for me. This post brought tears to my eyes. So many, including myself, love you so much. <3 <3 <3

    • I adore and love you too Christy. I won’t apologize for making your eye holes water 😉 sending love and hugs your way.

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