It’s been a whirlwind…

There’s a scene in the Wizard of Oz that you probably recall well if you’ve ever seen the movie (and OMG Who hasn’t!!) where the tornado hits and everything is flying outside the window… ok, so compared to today’s movies it may not be the best cinematic display of a tornado but it’s what my life has felt like as of late.

I’m hesitant to say that things are slowing down because that always jinxes me, but either they are slowing down or I’m getting better at managing the crazy.

This last month, there has been the move that felt like it would never end…followed by the back injury that literally had me down for the count… but after this weekend, I’m down to only 2 TWO!! boxes left to unpack and find homes for… that’s a HUGE amount of progress people… of course, just when things start to settle, I discover the random leak that appeared to come out of nowhere… and that’s nothing compared to the creepy crawlies that have not yet figured out the line between their world and mine…

The source for the leak has been identified – the washer drain lines are having issues… and I’m working to resolve it but it is WAY more in depth than previously thought… which means, I have no washer…for now… and the boys laundry is already stacking up… How is it that boys can create so much laundry in such a short amount of time?!!?  Seriously it’s a talent they have.

In the midst of it all, I decided that I need more color in my world… I mean come on… who doesn’t, right??? So I threw it out there to see if anyone wanted to join me in the Austin Color Me Rad 5K… and guess what?  We have a team 🙂 That’s right – some of my favorite Texas Peeps have committed to joining me in this colorful adventure!  So I’m starting back up on the C25K training.

Even better than racing with my friends Pamela, Lori, Candy, and anyone else that wants to join in… Even better than getting pummeled by Gluten-Free Color bombs… The race is on the eldest’s birthday so we are running together.  I’m really excited for this… and I NEVER thought I’d say that I’d be excited to race. but come ON… Doesn’t that look like fun???  If you want to join in the fun, we are “Team We Run To Drink” and we’d love to have you join us… We may even make T-shirts for us… but that’s still in the works.  If you want to join our team, leave me a message and I’ll get you the team info so you can join in on the fun!

Mommy-Palooza 2012 is drawing to a close as well.  I love having my boys extra time but it’s always an adjustment to the schedule… Although, this time around, I made a few adjustments that really paid off… For example, I followed my friend Evin’s lead and roasted 2 whole chickens this weekend and we will be able to have quick and healthy meals for the rest of the week!  She has some great recipes over at “Hey, What’s for Supper” so you might want to check that out.

So even amidst the crazy, there has been some sense of normalcy – if only for a few minutes at a time.  Which is a good thing.  I’ve been really focused on taking a few minutes with each of the boys – and myself – each day to really connect.  To be fully present.  I swear that’s the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Well, relatively speaking 🙂

As for the scale, it’s still moving in the right direction but I know it’s time to kick it into higher gear.  I showed a 1/2 lb loss this week which I’m totally pleased with.  Could it have been more, of course but it could have also been a gain so I’ll take it 🙂

I’m loving watching the Mamavation Moms on their journey and hope you’ll stop by to give both Rachel and Tina some love.  They are so inspiring and real that you can’t help but want to keep cheering them on.


This post is sponsored by Beanitos and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention &weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway” at the bottom of your post.




  1. Let’s do this!

  2. Great job with the moving… and hope the back is feeling better. I saw on FB when you went MIA… the silence heard across social media and we all held our breaths waiting to find out if you were okay. Yeah, we were all bugging each other over updates. Anywhoo… hope the tornado settles. But beware of a calm… that could just be the eye of the storm before the world starts to turn again. ….And as the world turns… totally had a soap moment there. I will have to check out that recipe I am ready to be on another chicken kick and I love having food ready and handy. Cheers! Have a fabulous week. You and me both need to kick it up a notch or two… I want to loose big, bay-bee!!

  3. That’s awesome – I’ve wanted to do a Color Run/Color Me Rad for a while! Might have to travel to one, though, as there hasn’t been one near me.

    Great job on the unpacking! IMO, the worst part of moving. 😉 Congrats on the weight loss as well! 🙂

  4. LOVED the Color Run- and I, too, got to do it with one of my kids– Ally and I did it together! It was AWESOME! Glad things are getting back to somewhat normal for you!

  5. 2 Boxes?! Girl we still have bins of stuff I’ve yet to go thru 🙁 Moving has been harder this time around. I’m so glad you are on the mend and ready for the 5k. I’m excited to do it to. I’m supposed to come and do the Naked 5k but I’m thinking it’s not gonna happen. Let me know if you’d like the entry. I’ll pass it right along to you. Too bad I really wanted the shirt.. LOL I’m a total race shirt hag.. We must have a Color race shirt!

  6. I’ve been enjoying Rachel and Tina’s posts as well. They’re an inspiration 🙂 Also, you are such a rockstar for turning two chickens into a week’s worth of meals. I have to get better at that. You SHOULD be pleased even though it’s a half pound. It means that even in the whirlwhind you’re making enough good choices to counterbalance any kind of kinks that get into the plan! You go, girl.

  7. I’m so glad that you are starting to deal with the craziness better! (I fully believe that things never slow down… or at least not in my experience.)

    And YAY for the color run! I wish I could do that… found out about the one in my area the day it was happening. 🙁

    • I agree Julie… It’s like my To-do list… just when you cross one thing off, another takes it’s place 🙂 so, we just have to get better at juggling it seems :)HUGS to you!

  8. Woot woot – The Color run sounds fun. Hope everything starts to settle soon. I’m with you, it never seems to end 🙂

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