It takes a village…

Last weekend was Amazing.  So amazing in fact that it’s taken me this long to wrap my head around it to share with you fine folks…Of course SOME of you were there which made it even more wonderful.

Last weekend I spent my Saturday surrounded by friends – old and new – as we gathered for MomCom Austin.

There were a slew of amazing speakers there but 2 really “spoke” to me. (pun only slightly intended)
MomCom Austin

First up was the Dynamic Duo of  Bernadette Noll and Carrie Contey.  Two Amazing women in their ouw right, they talked about how once upon a time, they built their tribe.

A tribe of similar minded women who made themselves and each other a priority on a regular schedule.

A tribe that gathered to brainstorm and build upon the creative ideas and quests that they would set out to accomplish.

A tribe that enjoyed laughter and support and well, margaritas.

And as I sat at the table enraptured by the wisdom that these women shared, I realized with a smile that not that long ago, I inadvertently stumbled into my tribe and most of them were sitting with me.

Women who, without the interwebs, I might have never known and yet – these are the women who get the late night/early morning texts when I need someone to yell at or cry with or share a laugh or well… be my voice of reason.  Women who are creative and inspiring and humble… so humble in fact that they most likely don’t even realize just how integral they are to my world.

Women who, yes, live in my computer most of the time, but are close enough to grab a meal or meet up for coffee just because … Women I know I could count on in a moments notice even if we’ve only met in person a handful of times.  Women I trust enough to share my deepest doubts and fears.

I have my tribe and I adore each and every one of them….even if not all were lucky enough to step in front of my camera at MomCom.



The next speaker that REALLY jumped out at me was the hilarious and spot on Barb Steinberg with her discussion about how to talk to teens about S-E-X… holy crap.  I have a teen.  HOLY CRAP I’m gonna have to have that conversation… or AM I?  I mean I COULD put that on the boys dad… you know… since they are BOYS… but chances are, I’m going to have that conversation… oh goodie….

Barb is more than just funny – she is a teen life coach and helps young girls through what is possibly the most difficult time of their life… the TEEN YEARS!  My hat is off to her and I’m a bit jealous that she wasn’t around back when I REALLY could have used her wisdom… of course, she was a teen then too so that may not have been as helpful.

Barb talks with the young ladies about the topics that affect them the most and her website is chock full of tidbits that I have been getting lost in… yes I have boys but some of this is still relevant – topics like bullying and toxic friendships and yes, even body image.  Who says you have to be a girl to look in the mirror and not like what you see?  She also has a plethora of resources related to bullying, body image, eating disorders, sex and so much more on her site.  I highly encourage you to take a peek… you never know when you might need it.

I also loved something Barb talked about – and it’s something I kind of do with my boys already – the concept of thumbs up and thumbs down – you know, the good and the bad… only she calls it “Happies and Crappies” with her girls and I kinda love that more than words so I hope she won’t be offended if I incorporate that into my Slightly off Kilter world.

Not perfect.  Not Supermom.  Just real - flaws, mistakes, whatever.  None of us are perfect and that is perfectly ok!

The common thread I saw though, with ALL of the speakers and the attendees, was the sense of just being real.  Not perfect.  Not Supermom.  Just real – flaws, mistakes, whatever.  None of us are perfect and that is perfectly ok!

In short?  I’m glad I went to MomCom Austin … even if I was UBER nervous.  The funny thing is… online?  I’m out there and talkative and well, kind of annoying… but in person I find that I’m shy and awkward…. Conferences like MomCom are a great way to force me out of my shell a bit more and that is never a bad thing.

In the Austin Area?  The Next MomCom Austin is June 29th so plan now.  Sadly, I will most likely NOT be in town for it, but if you are, I expect a full report on everything that I missed.





  1. So glad we’re village-mates!

  2. Great summary! I was so happy that I had a chance to meet you in person and tell you how much I enjoy your updates. Keep up the great work!

    • Hey Kristin…. we’ve actually met before. We even sat at the same table for something…. see, I told you I was awkward in person 😉

      • What?!?! OK, I’m going to chalk that up to me being old and forgetful. For Pete’s sake! I can’t even remember what event it was – unless it was the first MomCom or something? Ugh. Well, anyway, it was sure nice to see you again in person. 🙂

  3. I hope to make it to one at some point. I’m going to have to check out Barb’s site too..

  4. MomCom rocked but especially because you were there. I love you!

    I agree — the tribe really spoke to me, as well. How blessed am I to be a part of one.

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