In case of Zombies… I’m screwed

So a few nights ago, during one of those “I should be sleeping but can’t seem to” bouts, I was – of course – perusing Facebook… you know because THAT will help me sleep… (where’s that sarcasm font when you really need it?)

Anywho, I stumbled over to my favorite cupcake’s page and saw this…

Since I already wasn’t sleeping, I jumped on over to my Craigslist app to see what my weapon of choice would be..

Now y’all know that I’m a sucker for Craigslist.  I’ve gotten tons of really great stuff there… but on this particular night, the Craigslist gods were not in my favor…

Among the postings for free scrap metal (a much better weapon I might add), bookcases, and even moving boxes was the ad that sealed my fate.

14 Mismatched Socks

That’s right folks, apparently you CAN find anything on Craigslist.

14 Mismatched Socks.  The ad went on to describe the socks as 13 white socks and 1 with black stripes.  I think it would have been more fun if the socks had been multiple colors…

I remember hearing somewhere that it was “the style” for the kids to wear 2 different socks and some sock people are even selling mismatched socks – a brilliant idea that I’m sure was hatched by a mom who either (a) got sick of matching socks on laundry day, (b) got tired of yelling telling her child to find matching socks or (c) all of the above.

I had every intention of linking or even taking a screen shot of the ad for you loyal readers, but alas, the ad has been removed by the owner.  Perhaps those lonely mismatched sock have found a new home… maybe to be worn… or turned into some crafty project that someone, somewhere found on Pinterest.

Maybe those mismatched socks will become Funky Sock Monkeys… or maybe they will be used for one of the tips I saw over at Craft Gossip… or maybe someone ELSE had 14 mismatched sock to pair the lot with…

Then I realized I was spending way too much time thinking about socks… instead of sleeping.  This may explain my coffee addiction.



  1. Those Funky Sock Monkeys are awesome!

  2. What a funny post!

    Thank you for making me laugh this morning. What a great way to start the day!

  3. Girl you are cracking me up! I had to pin this one and give it some +1 luv.

  4. I love you.. that is all..

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