I see you

I see you. Not the “you” that you want everyone to see – friendly, fun, nice and helpful – No I see the real you – childishly passive-aggressive, two-faced, smile as you shove the knife deeper between my shoulder blades.

You are vocally disrespectful in a way that would make southern mamas’ proud – like adding “how funny” to the end of your sentence somehow makes your bs less offensive. Your input was not needed and the fact that my answer was contradictory should have ended the whole conversation but no – you have to be involved. No matter how wrong you are.

Yep… I see YOU for all your qualities.. The good you are desperate to share and the bad you try to mask

I see you



  1. This reminds me of how I felt about a friend of mine some time ago… Two-faced people are so hard to catch up with yet I have an eye for that second face hiding under the mask. Beautiful piece of writing.

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