I did a thing… and it may be crazy

For the last 6 weeks since the accident, I’ve been thinking about what kind of car I was going to get. Ok, maybe the last 5 weeks because that first week was mostly spent in the hospital and drugged up.

I knew fairly quickly I was going to stay with the Infiniti. Let’s face it, I was damn lucky but more than that, my Infiniti did its job really well protecting my giant and I from the unthinkable. I don’t even want to imagine what could have happened in a lesser car.

Then was the decision of what KIND of Infiniti to get. A convertible sounds great in theory… for the 3 weeks a year that a convertible makes sense but in rush hour traffic, I’m not driving with the top down and let’s face it, that is where most of my driving happens. An SUV was at the top of Giant’s list. I think it’s because he thinks I’d be safer in something more tank like… but also so we could haul the trailer if needed. But again, not practical and the gas mileage would kill me.

I found a number of the EXACT same car with similar mileage at a fair price and almost went that route. But then I thought “maybe I should get something newer with fewer miles that will last me a while”

Starting in 2013, Infiniti changed its naming convention and the G35 became the Q50. I started looking online. I went to my familiar sites- carfax.com… CarGurus.com… even craigslist.org.

The more I looked at the Q50, the more I was convinced that was the car for me. I also realized that car colors are boring. Primarily white, black, or gray/silver.

My last car was white and always looked filthy.

A black car in the heat of summer in Texas? Ugh.

I can hear dad telling me that “silver cars fade the fastest of all the colors” and whether or not that’s true, I didn’t want to hear it.

Interior color matters too. I don’t care how good your AC is in the car, black leather interior is a bitch in August.

I saw a tan interior I was really drawn to but only in white cars which was what I was just about resigned to when I saw her…

A brown car? I love how different it is. It’s a warm brown and a beautiful car. AND has the light interior I was hoping for.

Already pre-approved for financing, I knew I needed to move quickly because this car would not be on the market long.

Especially a 2015 with only 36k miles, 1 previous owner and a clean car fax.

Reality though is I can’t drive for a few weeks still. I didn’t want Mom or dad to have to cart me around to dealers, wait around for hours, listen to the salesman speak to my dad instead of me because I’m a girl even if I am a girl holding the checkbook.

Enter Carvana… they are the dealer with this particular vehicle anyway. On their site, you aren’t looking at stock photos, but real live pictures. You can see 360 degrees and look at the various features and issues. This particular car has some front paint chips that I couldn’t discern in the photos. They can deliver the car straight to your door once the paperwork has been completed.

I haven’t taken it for a test drive yet… but you do get to before signing acceptance at delivery. Plus there’s a 7 day return window and 100 day warranty. That’s on top of the factory warranty that conveys with this car.

As easy and convenient as the whole process has been so far, you’d expect their prices to be higher than the local dealer but they aren’t. In fact, the price was at the low end of what I might expect to pay a private party according to Kelly Blue Book.

Even Forbes confirms that this is a good deal with their latest article Best Bargains in Three-Year-Old Used Cars.

So is this the future? Buying a car online like ordering a pizza? Or is this crazy. We’ll find out in two weeks when my car is delivered.


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