I am…

I like to kick off a Monthly Blogging Challenge with a way to introduce ourselves on the odd chance that anyone participating is new here.

Choosing a prompt as wide open as today’s leaves flexibility to embrace ourselves with or without labels. ME? I’m a fan of the latter.

I am…
A wearer of many hats… some simultaneously… most simultaneously.
A cheerleader… for my friends and family and most of all my kids.
Easily excited… by some of the littlest of things. I treasure the small stuff.
Overly emotional… Extremely passionate. The two go hand in hand.
I am strong because I have survived moments where there was no other choice.
I am wise… because I know that I don’t know everything.
I am human … and therefore will make mistakes.
I am love… and an expression of the same to those who enter my world, loving fiercely and hard.
I am determined to make a difference.
I am loyal to those who deserve it… and even those who do not.
I am compassionate and open minded… although not often closed mouthed.
I am opinionated but wise enough to admit when I am wrong.
I am kind and forgiving and perhaps too trusting.
I am naïve and have come to be ok with that.
I am insecure and a little needy… sometimes more than a little.
I am impatient at times.
I am a woman, mother, aunt, daughter, granddaughter. I am a friend and companion. I am en employee and employer. I am a student of the world. I am an adult. I am a child. I am filled with wonder and a believer in the fantasy. I am curious and ever hopeful.
I am enough.

Axis of Ineptitude

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  1. You are indeed enough and I love you. You are wise and intensely loyal which makes me love you even more!

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