I am not super-mom… in case you were wondering

So… here’s something… I try to be “super-mom” –

you know the one who has got it all together at all times and her kids are looking all kinds of perfect and well-behaved and when they aren’t she speaks to them with love and compassion and never raises her voice or loses her cool and if she works outside the home, she still manages to ALWAYS look perfectly presentable and still has time to volunteer at her kids school and bakes perfect cupcakes and never misses a practice or game or recital or any activity her kids are in.  She’s the mom that gets up at the butt-crack of dawn looking and feeling perfect and does her quick 10 mile run, comes home, makes a well rounded breakfast for her family, that they all sit around the breakfast table empowering each other to have a fantastic day.  After breakfast, the backpacks and lunches (that she made of course with whole grains and fresh fruit and nary a preservative in sight) are plucked from beside the front door and every bounces off to work and school with matching socks and homework neatly put in the folders to go back to school with fresh faces and joy in their hearts.  There are no temper tantrums in the life of Supermom and when the day is done and the taxi service to the various events has run it’s route, dinner magically appears on the table where once again everyone gathers to enjoy a healthy, made from scratch meal full of real food that everyone eats with smiles on their faces proclaiming their love for each bite, showing gratitude for everything in their day.  Bed time also runs smoothly with the children volunteering for bath-time and not needing reminders to pick up their socks or brush their teeth and bedtime stories flow like a symphony off the tongue of Supermom while she snuggles each of her children the appropriate amount of time so that no one feels left out or jealous of another sibling.  Once the children are in bed, Supermom becomes super-wife and caters to the needs of her husband with a smile on her face and somehow, miraculously, the dishes are done, the house is perfectly clean and everyone goes to bed at a reasonable hour just to get up again at the butt-crack of dawn and repeat it day after day…


Yeah… that’s NOT me.  Not even close.

But some of my friends have been talking about how when we are going through a struggle, we hold it in as if we are super mom… that to share the burden with our friends – our TRUE friends – feels like whining…

so here’s the thing… I think that sharing your struggles is theraputic.  but sometime anonymitygives us the freedom to be REAL…

So, I’m gonna try an expiriment… below you will see the confessional

You can write anything you want about anything you want… need to confess?  Need to be validated?  Need to vent?  GO FOR IT!  each week (if anyone ACTUALLY takes me up on this) I’ll post a few of the contributions on this site – without any names of course.  so… Go for it! Got anything you need to say?



  1. I love this!! After writing out my issue….I signed my name. Why? Because I do want help and obviously writing it out was my plea. I was SO happy at first that it was anonymous but when it got down to it, I need help.

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