Holiday Shopping? Pay With Isis!

A few weeks ago I posted about how I was trading in my iphone for a Samsung Galaxy equipped with the Isis Mobile Wallet but in case you’ve forgotten about what the Isis Mobile Wallet  is –  It’s an app  – and y’all know I lurve my apps… This one lets you use select credit/debit cards or load from a pre-paid card and pay at the register with a simple tap of the phone.  Easy breezy, right? Don’t ask me to explain how it works… it just does… for most of us anyway… true to form, Evin over at Food Good Laundry Bad had technical difficulties but we still made it work.

So here we were…  two gals, armed with fancy schmancy new phones and the new Isis Mobile Wallet in Downtown Austin.  We don’t need an excuse to have a girls day, but this was as good a one as any we could have fabricated.

We started at the Austin Farmer’s market where the vendors don’t exactly take Isis Wallet Funds… but it was a great start to the day and that is going to be a separate post in and of itself.

After the farmer’s market, we headed over to Whole Foods for lunch and a bit of shopping.  I don’t often go downtown to be honest, so I was taking full advantage and stocking up on my all time absolute favorite lip balm. Badger Lip Balm is truly the bees knees and I won’t use anything else.

(not sponsored – my opinion – but there is an affiliate link here should you desire some for yourself)


We also enjoyed a healthy lunch courtesy of Whole Foods – the Salmon was delish! and I could not have been happier with my choice.  After fueling up, we headed out and about to continue our girls adventure.  We stopped off at Macy’s to do some shopping but alas… nothing on sale caught my eye and I won’t pay full price for anything – even using the Isis Wallet.

We continued on to the local CVS where we stocked up on new make up for ourselves including lipstick and the necessary duck face picture 🙂

When all was said and done, using the Isis Mobile wallet was an interesting adventure.  Here’s My opinion for what it’s worth.

  • The Isis Mobile Wallet is still new technology so unfortunately not as many retailers are accepting it as we would have hoped.  This will change in time as retailers see how convenient it is.
  • We were juggling two girls on our girls day so being able to swipe the phone and pay instead of having to dig through the wallet for cash or credit was SUPER convenient. And let’s face it, those who know me KNOW that my phone is almost ALWAYS in my hand anyway.
  • A lot of people I talked with had concerns about the security of it all – well, here’s the thing… the creators of the Isis Mobile Wallet aren’t dummies.  They knew this would be a concern – all of your credit card and other payment info is stored in a special chip known as the secure element contained within your Isis Ready smartphone.  Another plus?  If you lose your phone, you can immediately disable the Isis Wallet to ensure no hooligans use your Isis Mobile Wallet.  Of course this is in addition to the Pin number security feature.
  • Another handy Feature is the automatic notification of specials for Isis Mobile Wallet users within the app – If you were following Jamba Juice for example, you would see that they were offering Isis users a Buy One Get One deal a few weeks ago.  Great way to snag some bargains in the process.

Now, in all honesty, I’m back to my iPhone   I’m just not savvy enough to fully appreciate all that the Samsung Galaxy S3 had to offer. You know how when two people break up with the line “it’s not you, it’s me” and no one really believes it?  Yeah… this time I meant it.  The Samsung has some amazing features and it is a great phone… but at the end of the day, my heart belongs to my iPhone.

I’ve heard rumor that there is a special accessory that would make my iPhone compatible with the Isis Mobile Wallet but that’s something I need to explore in greater detail.  If you already HAVE an Isis Ready Smart Phone – or are in the market for one – you should check out the Isis Mobile Wallet App.  Especially with holiday shopping in full force we could ALL use one last thing to carry through the madness, right?




  1. Isis is my daughter’s name. Sounds like a cool app to use.

  2. Sounds like a fun app. I use my phone to pay for Starbucks and would love to be almost wallet-less!

    • I have my starbucks card in my phone too – love having them scan the phone in the morning 🙂 Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. I have seen isis around and been curious how easy it was to pay for things…i think it may be a little too easy, but i think that is the wave of the future anyhow!

    • It was easy for the most part – but the thing I liked was that you have to PHYSICALLY enable it – so no accidental pays. that is ALSO a good thing…

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