History of Me… In Music

History of Me in MusicThe other day I had some “free time” which is really “time I’m using to procrastinate instead of doing something I really SHOULD do” and I was using this time to revisit blogs I’ve been neglecting. As I was perusing the tidbits over at Just Joanna, I stumbled on a post she wrote entitled The History of Me, in Music and it sparked an idea. After countless messages back and forth, we realized that this could be a fun project. Defining ourselves through different things and asking you guys to join us. We also know how busy life is so starting next month, a few of us are going to be co-hosting a challenge to tell the History of You using the media or item of the month and link back up with us…the best part is – you will have ALL MONTH to do a post so you can procrastinate until the last day and STILL share!

Now I have to say I’m biased because I already know how awesome these gals are but I hope you’ll check back with us as we explore where we’ve been and where we are going and get to know us along the way.

This first post, well… it was harder than it should have been.  Music has always struck a chord with me {see what I did there?} because it always seemed that the music I was listening to mirrored the spot I was in at any given time and the artists said what I was thinking/feeling/etc far better than I could.  I know there are those out there who don’t feel this way about music… I don’t judge those people… much.

When I started working on this list, I went through my iTunes playlists and picked songs that mirrored where I’ve been… where I’m at now… and even where I’m headed. Music sparks emotions and in some cases, can transport you back in time.  well… for me anyway.

Now the idea was to put these songs into a playlist… and ask my ex (or anyone who knows me really) I SUCK at making playlists.  There is an art to the perfect playlist where each song leads to the next and I don’t have that ability.  Even on the iPhone, boys and I play the game of “what song do we want to hear next” not “what song should logically flow.”  Add to that my “questionable” taste in music and this “list” may make you question our friendship.  Instead, I’m sharing the videos themselves… because I’m not as cool as Rebecca or Joanna.

As usual, none of that is going to stop me. If you want Good playlists, check out Just Joanna or Formerly Just Mommy.  They have Skillz.  Starting next month, G*Funk*ified and Just Jeanae are going to be co-hosting as well so be sure to check back.  This could get interesting!

So here it is.  My past, present and future… in Music.



  1. Love the idea! Love the selection. Nicely done.

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