Healthier Me – Worth It.

There's a saying/belief/feeling out there that some people hold on to... it's the idea that people need to already BE fit to go to the gym.... It's not so much that OTHER people think this as the demons in our mind tell us this is true.  Funny thing is … [Read more...]

Healthier Me – The Scale is a Fickle Bitch

I had this post written in my mind when I woke up on Sunday... Then I went out for coffee with a dear friend and that lasted 3 hours and then grocery shopping and that took an hour and then it was time to hit the gym with my workout buddy ... and here we … [Read more...]

Healthier Me – Weekly Check-in

This past week was AGAIN a flurry of activity and when it got closer to the weekend, I was looking forward to some well deserved R & R.... not that that actually HAPPENED, but I was looking forward to it. Instead, I got to cheer my babies in their … [Read more...]

Healthier Me – Weekly Check-in

I don't really have that much to report for last week, but figured I'd better at least share the few tidbits I do have in the interest of accountability. Andplusalso, if there's anyone else on this fabulous journey to a healthier me, feel free to share in … [Read more...]

{Not Exactly} Wordless Wednesday – Run or Dye Austin

What seems like an eternity that passed by in an instant ago, I mentioned that I would participating in the Run or Dye 5K and guess what?  It happened. August 30th... What was I thinking?!?!  In truth, we WERE spared the triple digits that normally … [Read more...]