Fall is officially here!

What a weekend!  For starters, Fall has officially hit.  I don’t think it got above 65 degrees on Saturday which was LOVELY considering all the work the boys and I did over the weekend.  I have new tenants moving into the house this week so we were finishing up lawn work and cleaning and minor repairs inside the house.  I had someone come in to paint last week, and Saturday I met with the carpet cleaners so all that was left was for me to finish it up.

Let me interrupt for just a moment to talk about the carpet cleaners – if you are in central Texas, you TOTALLY need to make an appointment with Peace Frog Carpet and Tile Services.  They are seriously the BEST carpet cleaners I’ve used.  So much so that I’ll be posting more about them soon.  You can’t even tell that I had boys in those rooms.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I’m one of those people who looks at a project and says – “Oh yeah, I can get that done in a couple of hours…” and then 2 days later, I’m really done.  I kept seeing “just one more thing” that needed to be fixed or replaced and I really want the house to be perfect for the new tenants so that they will love the house as much as I do.  In fact, I do not believe that the house has EVER been this clean.  EVER.  Which is kinda sad when you think about it.

I’m grateful for my amazing kiddos who didn’t complain ONCE about helping.   Not once.  The flowerbeds are weeded, the lawn mowed, the edges trimmed, all the light fixtures have been cleaned, bathrooms re-caulked, floors scrubbed, cabinets scrubbed, and of course windows washed.  Moping and vacuuming too, and the whole house smells like pine-sol. 🙂

Of course, with Fall, also comes the sniffly, stuffy, scratchy throat.  So, I’m resting and drinking plenty of fluids fo sho.  I don’t have time to be sick… at.  all.

Moving back home also means I have a new walking buddy in the evenings 🙂  Isn’t he handsome.

I’m not sure if I’m taking him for a walk or he takes me… either way, we are both getting our exercise in.

I’m also noticing my “Social Calendar” filling up quickly, but it’s not what you think!  Most of the upcoming engagements are blog related so I can’t wait to share those with you in the upcoming weeks. Like the amazingly fun Girls Night Out I had with Evin over at Food Good Laundry Bad

Fall is definitely shaping up to be a fun adventure with a new fresh start, new friends, new adventures and enough of the “same ol same ol” to keep me humble and grounded.  It’s a great balance.

I’m also making enough time to focus on me.  Whether it’s listening to Joshua Medcalf’s app to re-enforce positive self-talk (and you can win one of four download codes so if you haven’t yet, GO ENTER) or taking time to relax… or even taking time for a Girl’s night out.

No matter how you define it, YOU time is uber important so what are you doing today FOR YOU?  Not for the kids, not for the spouse… for YOU.

Speaking of “you” – tonight on Mamavation TV we are talking about Menopause… something I just do not want to think about… seriously.  If I ignore it, will it go away?  not likely… In fact, you might be surprised to know that women as youn g as 35 have been know to experience the symptoms… Oh well, I guess I’ll learn what to watch for at least… but I hope it holds off a bit… not sure my dad can handle two menopausal women in the house simultaneously…

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  1. I hear you on the fall! I think I’m still sweating from Fitcation ’11 in your ‘hood. Dang!

    • It’s funny… I’ve broken out the sweaters but am still wearing flip flops. Our summer was mild compared to Fitcation ’11 but I think it’s just that I’m used to it. Sweat aside, I’m sooooo glad you made it to Austin 2 years ago… getting to meet you in person was one of the highlights for me 🙂

  2. Good job on all the cleaning. I hope you have good luck with the tenants.

    • They seem like GREAT tenants so I’m excited 🙂 It’s not our first rodeo since we’ve been landlords forever but it’s always interesting when you get a new tenant.

  3. Dang that sounds like a busy weekend. I love the pic of your walking buddy – so cute!!!! I also love seeing the humble and balance mention on where your season is going. xoxo

    • Balance is usually the area I fail to remember so making a conscious effort to focus on it. It was a busy weekend, but it was kinda fun too – seeing the look of accomplishment on my kiddos faces after a job well done filled my heart. So thankful for their assistance.

  4. I was going to post but then I clicked on the giveaway link and then I was all lost in the giveaway for like fifteen minutes. Now I have to figure out how to make my Omron pedometer work. Yea!

  5. I am packing my house and moving in with MIL, so I am right now in a mixture of toys, kids, and boxes. Who knows what’s next. Good job on making yourself a priority

    • I feel ya on where you are – FO SHO! So hard when moving in with family to decide what to bring with you and what to put in storage. GOOD LUCK!

  6. Love that pup – so cute!!!!! Glad you got your house done and rented!

    • he’s really a moose in a dogs costume. Still isn’t adjusted to the fact that I’m there every day now and about bowls me over when I get home 🙂

  7. Cleaning? Cleaning is never really finished… right? Lol. Well, maybe just when little kids are involved.

    My blogging calendar is booking up quickly, too. I truly love this time of year in the blogisphere… so much to do, post, snap pics of and talk about. Far better than the lull of the new year. Enjoy it! 🙂

    Have a good week.

  8. I’m so happy you found some tenants. I hope it all works out! For me, I’m spending time working on my blog and commenting on my Sistas’ blogs. It’s nice to check in with everyone! (I’m also going to finally make it to MMTV – excited!)

    • I love that Lydia. I have some time slated to work on the ol blog in the next few months with a facelift and scheduled content. I love that you are making time for YOU – so very important!

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