Happies & Crappies – Valentine’s Edition

Valentine’s Day may bring about a variety of emotions depending on what’s going on in your life.  This time last year I was sad… I played it off like it was just another day, but the guy I was seeing at the time didn’t “celebrate” valentine’s day and I told myself that was fine.  It wasn’t. It still isn’t.   I’m not talking about grand gestures though… I’m talking about making sure that the one you are with feels adored and appreciated.  By the way guys, telling the girl you are with that you “don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day” is just a cop out and excuse for being a jerk.  Just sayin.

I thought it would be fun to share some GREAT Valentine’s ideas… as well as some that… well… let’s just consider this a PSA for what NOT to do… You’re Welcome.




First of all, let me preface this by saying that if you don’t have a valentine’s Day reservation, you may already be out of luck.  HOWEVER, if a special date night is on your list of things to do with your beloved this Valentine’s Day, and you are stuck with an idea for the venue, The Avocado Apex gives us the Top 5 Date Spots in Austin.  This is a great reference even beyond Valentine’s day of course and especially useful for those in town for SXSW or ACL.

If heading out to a crowded restaurant strikes you with fear and panic, (or if you just plumb forgot to make a reservation) why not create a memorable meal at home… it’s far easier on the stress level (and the back account).  Thanks to Image-maps.com, you can click on each image to be re-directed to the originating source

Looking for a gift for your sweetheart?  Be creative… I’ve always said that any schmuck can run to the local grocer and pick up a dozen roses – but fella’s?  Wanna know a secret?  It’s not so much about the gift itself as it is the amount of thought and creativity you put into it…

Rebecca over at R We There Yet Mom? Offers up 10 wildly creative gift ideas for those of us in Central Texas, but even if you AREN’T local, maybe a few of these will spark your imagination.

Better yet?  you can’t go wrong with a Gift from the heart like I found over at From Maggie’s Farm.  Even if you feel “creatively challenged”  this post is wonderfully written and a great reminder of what’s REALLY important.  Scared to make your sweetheart cookies from scratch?  No worries – Maggie’s Farm shows us how to turn store bought cookie dough into something special.


Bitter about spending Valentine’s Alone this year?  Trying to Avoid the Doghouse for Valentine’s?  Either way, the following can give you a good chuckle or a reminder of what NOT to do.

I’m NOT going to recommend you stop by your local bakery counter and pick up a sweet confectionary concoction… but if you do… FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY – make sure they at least spelled your message right… (aka – head over to CakeWrecks.com because that shit’s funny… as long as it’s not actually happening to you…)


If you are going to get your beloved a gift this Valentine’s Day… Make sure it is NOT a Scale… or a book Entitled Sex for Dummies or any of the other items on Amazon’s list of worst Valentine’s Day Gifts.  Seriously, the fact that they have to CREATE this list in the first place is mind-boggling to me… Although there was that year that I got a vacuum so maybe this list isn’t too far off the mark.


And while we are at it… IF you are determined to marry your loved one and Valentine’s is THE DAY you are going to propose… be sure you’ve really thought it out.

For more public proposals that went horribly wrong, head on over to the Huffington Post.

Most of all… if you are dating, engaged to, married to, living with, or otherwise involved with someone, don’t ignore the day altogether and pretend it will go away.  Even if all you do is grab a bag of Hershey’s kisses and a card from the local drug store.  Do Something.



  1. Ha I got a vacuum/stream mop last year too! But hey, I’m almost single again, so no crappy gifts this year. My son made me a card at school that melted my heart, that sort of makes up for it, doesn’t it?

  2. OMG! That video is heart-breaking for both parties! OUCH!!!

    And I did not know that Amazon had that list but I have to head there now — haha!

    I love you! Will you be my Valentine?

  3. Thanks for including my chocolate mousse! Sending you Happy Valentine’s Day vibes. XO

  4. Thank you for such kind words about our valentine post. Sweetest wishes to you!

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