Hang on while I put on my face…

I’m not the girl who spends HOURS trying to primp in the mornings. I like sleep way too much for that.  I don’t even generally primp that long when prepping for a night out.  I just don’t.

I remember in high school there was a girl whose name was the same as mine but she spelled hers Shelli. (This worked well for our dance bags that had our names on them. It didn’t work out as nicely for the 6 Jennifers) she was someone I looked up to with her beautiful figure and tons of self confidence. She was popular and talented and seemed to always be so put together but it looked effortless. Like she never had to try.

Then, one year we went to dance camp at SMU and it was like I saw her in a whole new light. Here we were, a group of girls. All friends (in my mind at least) who danced for the love of dance. We were at camp which meant many many hours of sweating and that is not conducive to a fully made up face… and yet, she was perfect.

Even in the morning, she would wake up before all of us so that she could put her face on before interacting with any of us.

I think that was when I realized that she wasn’t as confident as I once thought and was wearing a mask in the most literal sense of the word. It was a mask that gave her the confidence

A few weeks back, I shared a picture from George Strait’s Facebook Page. Don’t ask me to find it because – hello – do you know how many posts I’d have to scroll through to get to YESTERDAY much less a few weeks back.

Can we stop for a second an all agree that George is a pretty fantastic guy?  Soldier, Texas State University Grad, Married for over 40 years to the same woman with hit records dating all the way back to 1981 and STILL touring?  Awesome.

And I like his music.  It’s real.

But that’s not really what this post is all about.

I’ve always been described as a but of a contradiction.  I can change the brakes on my vehicle or throw on sequins and heels.  I’m a chameleon in most any environment and can become whatever the situation needs.

A friend of mine commented on my Facebook share that he’d be more impressed if the reverse could be said in less than 20 minutes and I wondered… how long DOES it take for me to go from roll outta bed to presentable?

So, on Valentine’s Day… a day I REALLY REALLY wanted to look my best, even though my date wouldn’t have cared if I showed up in a potato sack, I had an opportunity to practice.  And yes… it’s taken me THIS LONG to get this post pulled together.

You see, on Valentine’s Day, I planned to get up early, fix my hair and face so that when I got off work, I just needed a touch up.

Waking up late instead… well as I’m sure you can imagine, THAT didn’t happen.


That’s me.  Fresh outta bed with a headband to hold back my hair an
d not a drop of makeup on.

By the time I got off work, I had LITERALLY 20 minutes to get dressed and out the door.

Thankfully, my mineral makeup from Cheyenne’s Designs came to my rescue.  Yes – I’ve posted about them before and NO – this is NOT a sponsored post.  This is just my own experience that I’m sharing.  Although I am running low and will be placing an order soon Debbie.  I promise.

I almost didn’t post this… giving away the keys to the kingdom and all… but seriously, it’s about finding what works for you.  And maybe you will offer some pointers to me that will help out as well.

4:34 – I arrived home  I immediately plug in my hair setter.  Now – I don’t think very many women realize the freedom that a set of curlers can provide.  Seriously I have NEVER once used a curling iron over this massive mane.  I hate the time it takes to even blow dry much less to curl.  But with hot rollers?  While looking oh-so-sexy (not) you can get other shit done too.  Hello Multi-tasking.

While the rollers are heating up, this is an ideal time to slap some moisturizer on.  That shit needs to dry a bit before using mineral makeup  so I do that absolutely first.

While that’s drying, time to get dressed.  Now there are two schools of thought here – Some would say WHAT?!?! you can’t get dressed first – you have to put your face on and fix your hair THEN get dressed.

As smart as that advice is, I’m a fan of the BIG TEXAS HAIR.  and pulling your top over your hair can be problematic.  Now there is the issue of getting makeup on your blouse… but a few strategically placed Kleenexes can resolve this.

This is not a piece of advice I regularly follow… as you can see to the right…

Ok, so by now, I’m dressed and my face is moisturized and my curlers are hot so I roll my hair.  Aside from the multi-tasking, added benefit is that the curlers keep my hair outta my face while applying the rest of my makeup.

Now for the quick part…

First up – Foundation – For me, this is Cheyenne’s Designs  Sunkissed.  It’s perfect and light and makes me feel like it isn’t even there.

Next up, I focus on my eyes because they are my favorite feature.  Again, this is where Cheyenne’s Designs comes to my rescue.  She has different eye shadow collections specifically designed for your eye color.  NO THINKING REQUIRED… This is an added bonus for me… You can pick which colors you’d like and how you want to apply of course, but I tend to stick with a simple neutral color all over, a light color on the brow bone, and a darker color in the crease.  I then pick the darkest color and with my angled brush use it as my eye liner.  I find that powder is more forgiving than liquid or even pencil and blends beautifully.  I also take a moment to use a brow powder to enhance my brows because as my friend Letty once said, “If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyebrows are the curtains” and I think that some care need be placed.  Again – I use powder and a light hand for the more natural look.

Next up Blush.  Because it’s not summer and I don’t have a natural tan or glow… unless I’ve been out walking but then I’d be all sweaty and what’s the point in THAT? So Blush… I personally think that for my complexion, Cheyenne’s Earthy Rose is a very natural blush option.  Gives color without being TOO out there… A little on the cheekbones and I’m done.

Almost done – next up –  Setting Powder.  A quick swirl of MV Setting Powder and I feel like I’m almost ready to go.

Absolutely the Last thing I do is my mascara.  And I can’t tell you which one I use because I have several to choose from and it’s usually luck of the draw.


Once my face is on, Next is my hair.  I pull the curlers out and generally can run my fingers through it and go. Sometimes, that’s not the case but on Valentine’s, it worked out well.

Slipped on my heels and out the door I went to meet up with friends and the Wooer for a social and movie date.

I looked at the clock – 4:54 pm.  EXACTLY 20 minutes start to finish.

Granted, there was no mud involved… and drying my hair takes more than 20 minutes alone… but still.  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?


**FYI – there is absolutely NO filter usage in either of the two pictures used.  Granted the lighting is a bit better in the second, but no other enhancement was utilized here**



  1. Gorgeous girl. And in both photos, too. The second one may be a bit more polished, but they’re both so totally you, and you look great.
    As for me, it takes me 15-20 minutes to get ready in the morning, depending on how awake I am.

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