Thankful Thursday – Perspective

Bluebonnets | Thankful Thursday | Slightly Off KilterThis week has been a great week for me.  Oh don’t get me wrong – I have my share of speed bumps like anyone else but the good outweighs the bad and that is always a sign of a good thing.

This week I feel like my “thankful” list requires a bit more explanation than normal… or maybe I’m feeling wordy.  Whateves. Point is?  You get more words.  You’re welcome.

I’m thankful for:

  • Weekends of sharing and geekery.

I mentioned last week that I made a list of my favorite movies.  This past weekend I got to share 3 of my faves with someone who in turn shared 3 of their faves.  Andplusalso it was fun to watch the movies together but moreso, it was awesome to launch into our famous discussions about the same.   Even if there was a brief moment of crazy that reared its ugly head which brings me to my next thankful…

  • Patience

It’s a lot easier to be patient with someone when you understand the color of their baggage.  Long talks, open communication and even recognizing when I’m being ABSOLUTELY ridiculous being met with patience always makes me thankful.

  • Old Friends

I had a day of fun conversation via texts with someone who once upon a time was my world.  I was 15 and more naive than I am today if you can imagine that.  We’ve grown over the years and always remained friends.  About 3 times a year on specific dates we chat.  Sometimes it’s a quick “Hi How’s the family” and other times it’s a walk down memory lane.  This week was the first of the three for 2014 and I was reminded just how important my past was in shaping who I am today.  I’m always thankful for those moments.

  • Compliments

This week I was told by the person above that when reading my blog he could still “hear the same voice” he always knew.  That is a HUGE compliment to me because if nothing else, I’d like to be authentic.  It’s almost as big a compliment as when someone tells me that they already read a post I share with them or the random “Great post” today.  I know that there are a lot of bloggers in the world and I think everyone has a different intent.  This is my corner of the world where I get to speak freely and share.  To know that there are like 8 of y’all who take an interest makes my heart happy in ways you can’t imagine.

  • Truth

Y’all may have noticed that I tend to speak my mind… so I appreciate when others do the same – Good bad or ugly.  I may not LIKE what you have to say, but if it’s the truth, I want to hear it.  

  • Perspective

I’ve talked before about how you can’t fully appreciate the light without experiencing the dark.  This week I’ve had a few opportunities to appreciate some “good” because of some of the “bad” and I put those in quotes because on the grade scale, it’s neither.  For example – in giving a coworker a ride to work in the mornings, I really REALLY REALLY appreciate the quite of my normal morning commute.  Where I can veg out and let my mind wander without having superficial conversations pre-coffee.  Just sayin.

  • Zumba

A really awesome friend of mine was recently certified to teach Zumba and when she shared that with one of my inner circles, it reminded me how much I stinkin LOVE Zumba.  The problem is that the gym I frequent doesn’t offer classes.  HOWEVER – other locations do.  Because of her post, I went and found several classes that work with my schedule so that I can again incorporate some crazy hip-shakin’-get-lost-in-the-music-and-dance-like-nobody-is-watching fitness back into my world.  Which is the second most fun way to break a sweat.

  • Talent

If y’all laughed at my post yesterday about my photog failures and the lunar eclipse, you will fully understand why I appreciate people who really are extremely talented.  Like this AMAZING shot.  This would be awesome framed in my house.  Or Office.  My office needs decor.

Speaking of talent – I’m also UBER thankful that THIS is happening.

  • Reunions

When I learned that my 20 year reunion was this summer… on my birthday weekend… I was on the fence about attending.  Most of the people that I would like to see, I already stay in communication with.  And then, on a night of sharing and caring with my Bestie and the “Brother I should have had”, we devised a plan so brilliant and “like us” that I’m actually looking forward to it.  Plus… just because I COULD see some of the people, doesn’t mean I always do, so amidst the drinking game we are devising, the opportunity to rekindle old friendships with people I should make more of an effort to see  is exciting too.  As for the drinking game, I can’t spill ALL the secrets but for those who care, one of the rules is that every time I’m told what a bitch I was, everyone takes a drink… so yeah, we should prolly plan for alternate transportation that night.

  • Fridays on a Thursday.

Does this one even need an explanation?

  • Coffee.

Always coffee.

Don’t forget to check out my gals Helen and Traci to share in their counting of the blessings this week and every week.  Or – for something completely new, Link up with us.  We want to share in your joy and I still firmly believe that when you stop to be thankful, you have more to be thankful for!



  1. I love that you are honest and authentic. It was the first thing I felt when I met you and then read your blog. You are who you are and it shows here which is why I love your blog.

    I remember how sad you were when those guys went off the radio so I am happy for you!

    • I know you’ve had a rough couple of weeks. I’m UBER glad that you are still finding things to be thankful for 🙂 Big hugs to you. Today and always 🙂

  2. Love, love that photo of the moon going around. It’s just gorgeous. I wish I’d been able to get up to see it this week, but no such luck. Maybe in the fall for the next one!

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