It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Gratitude. I write about it often and especially on Thursdays. Evin over at Food Good Laundry Bad had a completely different reaction to the Gratitude prompt… and she has a valid point… all too often, we are inundated with gratitude posts that come “across as bragging — either “look how much cool shit I have in my life” or “Look how down to earth I am for being grateful for the simple things””

As I read her post, I took it personally… there’s a shock… and I began to wonder if that’s how I come across… I honestly don’t know but what I do know, is that if you know me at all, my hope is that you know that for me, Gratitude is more than lip service. It’s a way of life for me. I may only post my gratitude on Thursdays, but I take a moment every day to reflect all my blessings.

You see, there was a time when I couldn’t find much to be grateful for… 10 years ago when I was going through my divorce, I hit rock bottom. Over time, I found myself again… an evolving process that will never end of course. I started to relish in the good. I started to try to catch friends and loved ones doing good. I started to pull myself out of the darkest of darks with the help of those who have been by my side through the good and the bad. When you’ve seen nothing but dark, you can’t help but appreciate the light.

So, you’ll have to forgive me if this all seems trite. You are welcome to move on and read someone else’s blog if you feel that this is, in any way, superficial or self-promoting.

This week, I’m especially grateful for…

  • Talented doctors & nurses who are taking care of my daddy today.
  • Teachers, Counselors and a Principal who is as concerned for the Giant as I am and are working with me to change his world.
  • Chicken soup that really is magical.
  • A Fever that disappeared almost as quickly as it came on.
  • Friends who reach out to remind me that I’m never alone.
  • Friends who give me space to deal with life.
  • My family who is more supportive than I can even begin to express in words.
  • Traffic that gives the Giant and I more time to connect.
  • A job that affords me the flexibility to care for my offspring.
  • Opportunities to build relationships with some amazing companies.
  • An exciting adventure coming up soon.
  • Warm boots and a warmer coat.
  • And Coffee. Always Coffee.


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  1. Coffee. Always coffee. Amen. 🙂

    I’ve never really considered a different perspective on gratitude, so this makes me wonder how my interpretations are perceived.

    • After I wrote my post, I decided I don’t care how my gratitude or anything else for that matter is perceived. I shall live in gratitude because that is where I am happiest. Those who like it can read along. Those who don’t, well, they can skip it.

  2. I agree with your assessment, Shelley. I am still formulating a polite reply to Evin. Her perspective, though, is not unique. I have heard that before. In fact, I did some soul searching a few months ago to decide if my incredible gratitude was bragging or truly expressing thanks. I decided that, yes, by expressing gratitude we are inviting more good things into my life. Also if I expressed gratitude for something that, on the surface, seemed not so good, I would quickly see the good side of it. Also by writing down and sharing our gratitude we can revel in it for a little while, helping us to truly take the time to be grateful.

    My son and I were going through photos today. People like to say that if you are taking pictures or posting on Facebook or doing anything to “capture” a moment, you aren’t truly in the moment, living it and being present. But as we looked through photos I found myself wishing we had more. So many moments I have not captured and now they are gone. They may exist as memories for me, but for how long? And his three year old mind won’t remember them at all.

    Slightly off topic, but all about that divide between “social media” and “living.” We can do both, I say.

    I love your gratitude list. 🙂 especially the last item. 😉

    • I agree on the pictures… I so wish I had taken more when my babies were babies… and even as many as I take now, I’m sure there are still things I miss. As for the gratitude, when I’m feeling down, I personally like to revisit my gratitude posts as a way to take me back to a more grateful place. Thanks so much for stopping by and your comment. <3

  3. You are sincere in your gratitude and that shows in everything. I <3 you!

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