Thankful Thursday – Gratitude Reciprocates

Gratitude Reciprocates

I promise that I won’t be focusing all of my posts around Matthew’s speech but something he said is STILL sticking with me…

“It’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates.”

And ok, dear Matthew, “scientific fact” may be a stretch but that’s just semantics.  I can’t say that I always agree with Matthew, but on this we agree – gratitude begets gratitude.  Focus on the positive and more will come your way.

Lucky for me, I happen to know that a large number of those closest to me agree with this philosophy.


~ I’m thankful for a car that had both heat and air conditioning. Two years driving the beast without AC taught me that… And here it’s been the norm to need both in the same week. Heck… Same day.

~ I’m thankful for plumbers who are honest and fair and still believe in good old-fashioned customer service.

~ I’m grateful for time with friends to share and laugh and strengthen friendships

Texas Sunset

~ I’m thankful for pretty sunsets.

~ I’m grateful for technology that enables us to stay in touch with people even when we can’t see them face to face.

~ I’m thankful for planning weekend getaways/events which give me something else to look forward to… Whether a full weekend escape with my bestie or the Wooer or an Event like BlogathonATX where I hope to see old friends… I’m blessed to have people in my world that I can’t ever get enough of.

~ I’m thankful for a job that pays the bills and challenges me professionally.

~ I’m grateful for people who aren’t afraid to be a little vulnerable and share their thoughts, feelings, fears, dreams, concerns and celebrations… and for people who allow the same from me.

~ I’m thankful for Spring and time spent with family.

~ I’m grateful for friends who respect that my time with family is sacred and don’t make me feel guilty for disappearing when the boys are around.

~ I’m thankful for the time I share with the boys and how this year seems to be awarding me with more back to back to back weekends than usual. There are no complaints here.

~ I’m thankful for sunshine.

~ I’m grateful for learning new things. Keeps life interesting and I appreciate the patience it takes to reach someone something new.

~ I’m thankful for coffee. Especially on days when the internal clock decides that 4:00 am is the appropriate time to wake.

~ I’m grateful for time-sucks like Reddit on those same days :-).

~ I’m thankful for laughter and the people who share it with others.

~ I’m thankful for you. Each of you
I’m sticking with a weekly gratitude post – I’d love it if you guys would join in of course… Feel free to share your link in the comments and if there’s any real interest we can make this a thing… for the 5 of you that blog anyway… For everyone else, tell me what you are grateful for in the comments!



  1. I like it. I can deffo fit a TGIF post in… and be thankfuk it doesn’t require nailart!

  2. I like the idea of making this a weekly thing. No blogging time today, though! 🙂
    I’m thankful for a “sweetie night” with my daughter.
    I’m thankful for the upcoming weekend so I can get some rest and keep from getting the full blown cold Doug has.
    I’m thankful for a handy husband who hung old cabinets in the garage for me so I can make a craft space.
    I’m thankful for good friends, though I wish I saw them all far more often.
    And books. I’m always thankful for good books.

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