On Complaining…

Yesterday I planned this post but I couldn’t find my words… wouldn’t you know that as soon as I published my post on not being normal {Captain Obvious I know} the words flooded my brain.
24 Hours without a complaint

Last week I was challenged by Evin over at Food Good Laundry Bad to join in a 24 hour complaint free day.

I have to admit that my first thought was “You want me to NOT complain for 24 hours while still interacting with people and I’m not in a coma?”

I’m often Susie Sunshine. I TRY to find the bright side everywhere I look. I believe, from my past experiences, that all lessons, even the shitty ones, have brought some good with them. It’s entirely possible for something in your past to be both the worst and best thing that has ever happened… simultaneously… and yet? Stupid people set me off.

I can easily get flustered by the idiocy around me.

Especially in traffic.

Or closed-minded stupidity.

** Stupidity and ignorance is NOT the same mind you. Ignorance indicates not knowing any differently. Not having the knowledge. Stupidity is a choice**

But back to the challenge… 24 hours. Complaint free. Is she serious?

And then my thought was ok, so what does it REALLY mean to complain? {because I’m looking for a loophole}
Define Complain
To EXPRESS Dissatisfaction! Great – So as long as I don’t speak or write my complaint, and just think it, I’m good right?!?! loopholes are great…

and then….

I realized that I was missing the whole point in the exercise.

I mean yes, it is about spreading positive energy in lieu of negative energy. For sure. But it’s also about transforming the negative voice within to a more positive one. Because THAT’S what really changes your life.

Well Shit.

No loophole on that one.

On Complaining | Slightly Off Kilter

And what made it even “worse” was I know that to be true. When the Negative Nelly inside is louder that Susie Sunshine, I am NOT a joy to be around… {understatement of the year}…

So then the challenge became to recognize my complaints throughout the day and flip them around to recognize the upside

The mere act of complaining and not doing anything to enact change is about as helpful as a screen door on a submarine.  Life is short.  I’d rather spend my time being thankful that thorn bushes have roses than upset because roses have thorns.

I’m not going to say I NEVER complain… because I do.  Just ask Evin… but… when I remember… and try to find the flip side, kinda lessens the hold that the negativity has on me.

And if you need a little ear worm pick me up, here’s a blast from the past courtesy of the Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby!



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