Thankful Thursday- Blessings Abound

Funny thing about “Thankful Thursday”… When I first proposed the idea to my village, one of those nearest and dearest was reluctant to join fearing that she wouldn’t have enough to be thankful for.

My thought on that is that you can always find something good… even if you have to look at things from a different perspective. Living a life of gratitude isn’t about having an easy life where things always go as planned… it’s about finding something to be thankful for in every experience.

Last week, Traci over at A Star in my own Universe, who is one of the most positive and cheery people I know, exemplified that with her Thankful Thursday post and found the good in things like being sick and paying taxes.

I love that.

I have a truly blessed life. Things don’t always go according to timelines and schedules but that’s all part of life.

And now… for the list…

  • Movie lists and someone to share them with
  • Being introduced to “new to me books”
  • Facetime lunch breaks
  • A Reading & Discussion group that is kicking off next month with some of my favorite people to focus on the art of writing… an area I really want to improve on
  • Time with my kiddos – even if it is a never ending swim meet {and another one in a few weeks}
  • Coaches who are interested in the development of their athletes and not just winning. The journey is just as important
  • Opportunities that allow us to reflect back on the good in our pasts
  • Facebook friends of friends who share wisdom like this:
  • People who make an effort
  • People who deserve the effort
  • People who appreciate the little things
  • Date Night with one Bestie and Coffee with the other – All in the same week!
  • JB & Sandy returning to the Austin Airwaves and a new iPhone app so that I don’t miss them when the signal is wonky in my hood
  • Zumba… and finding a schedule that works with mine
  • Amazing weather than is conducive to lunch at the duck pond
  • And coffee… always coffee… especially when it lends itself to morning jokes

What are you thankful for? Find one thing. Share it with us in the comments or link up with us!



  1. Well, you just made me cry. I love you so much!
    Coaches with your children’s growth at heart are so important. I love the Q and that is one awesome quote. And I am so excited for your reading group.

    Love, LOVE you,

  2. Yay for your morning radio! I usually only get to listen to stories on tape, but at least Phee’s happy. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says

    Unknown Author…but a very good read…and very appropriate for Thankful Thursday (and other things):

    For all of us there is a great mystery, and it is, simply, the mystery of, the life that awaits us.
    Who will we be, between birth and death. At birth, we are all, “WE”, it is the, WHO, that we will become, that awaits us.
    The mystery of the WHO, I believe is answered throughout life in small, seemingly insignificant moments.
    Moments not known when they happen, only realized when we look back, moments so fragile, so special, that had you turned right, instead of left, had you slept late instead of getting up early, had you not gone but stayed home, you might not now be the you, you are today.
    I don’t for a moment believe these moments, are random. And once I came to that understanding, there came peace to my life. There came a tranquility, there came, thankfulness.
    There came an understanding that all the bad, lead to all the good. That all the sorrow lead to all the joy, that loneliness lead to love, that love lead to family, and that all of it lead to right here right now.
    And my hope for you is that your right here, right now, is where you want to be.

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