thankful 2This morning I woke up and while grateful for many MANY things, I didn’t feel inspired for today’s prompt. All the words I could come up with seemed to have already been written on my previous gratitude posts and I just didn’t think I had anything new to say.

I drove to take my Giant off to school and we had a fun yet serious conversation about school and grades and the importance of actually TURNING YOUR HOMEWORK IN on time instead of relying on the “I’ll get to it eventually” methodology he’s been employing for the last 9 years of school and there was no yelling or tears or frustration… he handled the conversation well too.

In that moment I was thankful for patience… with my Giant and with myself… we’re both learning and growing together. And we are going to make mistakes…

After dropping him off at school and yelling after him “Don’t forget to turn in your homework” through the open window {to which I just KNOW he was rolling his eyes at me even though he waved and smiled} I
pulled our of the school drop off lane and in my rear view saw the most lovely sunrise. The sun was about halfway up over the horizon and such a vibrant coral against the cotton candy blues and pinks in the background that I wished I was still parked and could take a picture to share.

In that moment I was grateful that I was in a calm space and able to enjoy the beauty around me.

Next stop was to pick up my coffee at the nearby Bux. I ordered it wrong {a clear sign I NEED my morning coffee} and the barista {who has seen me a time or two} brought the error to my attention.

In that moment I was grateful for people who still take pride in their jobs and in delivering quality service to their customers. And coffee. Always coffee.

When I arrived at work and checked my email, I discovered that I had received something I’ve been anxiously awaiting. The email told of some important dates that are coming up in the next month(ish) and while that still seems forever from now, I know the time will pass quickly.

In that moment I was grateful for forward movement on something long overdue.

I shared the news with those most important – The giant, my bestie, my other bestie, my BFAM, my mom. They celebrated with me and give me strength for the battle that lies ahead.

In that moment I was thankful for my people who near or far lift me, celebrate with me, strengthen me and honor me in all things.

I’m thankful for so many moments each and every day and when I take a moment to write it out, the list becomes so much longer than I anticipated. And for that too, I am thankful.



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  1. I meant to join in yesterday on this. I, too, have many things for which to be thankful. I am glad for your special time with your son. I am very glad for the forward movement. I am most glad that you’re my friend.

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