Good-bye 2011

It’s no secret that these last few months have been … interestingly off- kilter.  Change is good … even when we don’t see it at the moment.  Now, it’s time to embark on a NEW YEAR.  and I am completely lost on what that will hold.

It’s a tradition to sit and write out our goals on New Year’s Eve… so that we can begin to create a wonderful road map of sorts.  You see, when you have goals, you can ask yourself – is this choice leading me towards my goals or away from them?  (and here’s a little secret – Goals can change any time they no longer “fit” – not just on New Year’s Eve) 

and yes – I said GOALS – not Resolutions.  Subtle difference but an important one in my mind.

So, here’s where I’m a little stuck.  I’m at a loss for what my goals for 2012 should be.

  • I mean I have goals around my health.
  • I have goals around my wealth.
  • I have goals around my home.
  • I also have travel goals.


What am I missing?  What goals do YOU have for 2012?


Whatever 2012 holds in store for you, I hope that peace, joy and happiness are at the top of the list.  Happy New Year my wonderful friends.



  1. Laila @OnlyLaila says

    I have alot of goals around my health, finances and travel. I want to do a better job with losing and maintaining my weight. I also want to increase my income and travel more in 2012. Here’s to a great 2012!

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