Fuck Cancer

I don’t normally post on the weekends.

I normally take the opportunity to relax and/or catch up on all the stuff I don’t have time for during the week but yesterday I learned that a dear friend’s son was diagnosed with leukemia and now all of a sudden nothing else seems all that important.

Fuck Cancer.


A diagnosis like this isn’t ever easy. I know this. But somehow to me the news I got from Marla who blogs over at Saving U Green was the worst imaginable… because when a sweet 7 year old gets the diagnosis, I just want to scream.

The truth is, I can’t even imagine what Marla is going through. The truth is, I don’t want to imagine it. But I know this family and one thing is certain – They are a family of fighters. Every last one of them. And they are totally gonna kick Cancer’s ass.

You can help… if you are so moved… and I wanted to share all the ways I know of here to help spread the word and wrap this whole family and sweet Gunner in love and light and prayers and good juju and whatever else you might believe.

How can I help:

First of all – you can follow along on the journey by giving #TeamGunner’s Facebook page a like so that as new needs, prayer requests, opportunities to help arise, you are kept in the know.


Did you know that Dell Children’s Hospital has a program where you can send a card to a patient?  They are delivered Monday through friday and knowing this family, I’d bet the room is full with well wishes come monday morning from all requests made this weekend.

Care to donate financially?  Fantastic – there is a Go Fund Me page where you can make a monetary donation.

Familiar with Fireworks Cosmetics? You should be because for the next two months, 10% of EVERY ORDER is being donated to #teamgunner!!!

Cancer sucks even when it’s not someone you know…but when it hits close to home?  Consider joining or supporting Be The Match

About Be The Match

For the thousands of people diagnosed every year with life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, a cure exists. Over the past 25 years Be The Match®, operated by the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP), has managed the largest and most diverse marrow registry in the world. We work every day to save lives through transplant.

And yet… it still seems to be not enough.

Hugs and love to Gunner and his family. This isn’t over.  Not by a long shot little dude.




  1. Team Gunner is a winning team. And I hope that Marla knows that has a HUGE fan base. These are all great ways to rally for them and get Gunner well and home.

    Love to Marla and you for bringing these resources to one place!

  2. Gunner said he loves you and words can’t even express how thankful we are for your words, support and love xoxo

  3. Mary Lane says

    Great post. This is an amazing family and I know they appreciate you spreading the word. Any help they receive (prayers, thoughts, financial, or cards) will be greatly appreciated.

    Team Gunner all the way!!

  4. I could not have said it better.

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